Kenka Bancho 6: Soul & Blood
Kenka Bancho 6
Japanese box art
Developer(s) Spike Chunsoft
Publisher(s) Spike Chunsoft
Platform(s) 3DS platform icon
Classification(s) Nintendo-network-icon
Genre(s) Beat 'em up

 03CERO C 

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Kenka Bancho 6: Soul & Blood is a beat 'em up video game by Spike Chunsoft and is the first Kenka Bancho game to be released on the 3DS.


Development & pre-release

The game was first teased in a Third Party Nintendo Direct where it showed two guys staring at each other with electricity between them.


The game's reception was mediocre at best. While Famitsu gave it a decent score of 34 (8/9/9/8) out of 40, sales were the worst for a main entry and the second worst for the entire series with 24,274 copies sold in its launch week according to Media Create, less than half its initial shipment.