Kenta Motokura
Motokura 3D World
Company Nintendo EAD
Current Position Project Leader
Latest game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker


Kenta Motokura in 2007.

Kenta Motokura is a video game developer who works at Nintendo EAD Tokyo as character designer. His first credited video game was Pokémon Stadium 2 as the 2-D CG designer, though he had worked on a variety of other famous Nintendo games as well such as Pikmin, Super Mario Sunshine, and EAD Tokyo games Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and of course Super Mario Galaxy. In most video games he takes the role of character or creature designer. In Super Mario Galaxy he was the lead character designer, though he also helped with the game's objects.


Special Thanks


Iwata Asks

Super Mario Galaxy: Vol 2

Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D World

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