Key (The Legend of Zelda)

Keys have been in every The Legend of Zelda game thus far. They are used to unlock various areas throughout dungeons, but must be acquired after completing a task such as defeating a group of enemies or a miniboss. Later games also included a Boss Key, used to access the main boss of the dungeon.

Key Types

  • Boss Keys
    • These keys appear in most later Legend of Zelda games, starting in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. These keys are used to unlock the door that leads to the dungeon's boss. Usually, they are only found later in the dungeon.
  • Magical Key
    • This key appears in only the first game and The Adventure of Link. Once collected, the player can unlock any door in any dungeon, and the key will never go away, rendering normal keys in each dungeon useless. When the player has one, the key count will always be "A", and the key will appear on the item menu.
  • Dungeon Keys
    • There are a variety of Dungeon keys, and they first appear in Link's Awakening. Each of these keys grants the player access to a specific dungeon.
      • Tail Key (Link's Awakening)
      • Angler Key (Link's Awakening)
      • Face Key (Link's Awakening)
      • Bird Key (Link's Awakening)
      • Slime Key (Link's Awakening)
      • Graveyard Key (Oracle of Ages)
      • Crow Key (Oracle of Ages)
      • Old Mermaid Key (Oracle of Ages)
      • Mermaid Key (Oracle of Ages)
      • Gnarled Key (Oracle of Seasons)
      • Floodgate Key (Oracle of Seasons)
      • Dragon Key (Oracle of Seasons)
  • Great Keys
    • These three keys appear in Four Swords, and are used to unlock the final level. These keys are obtained after missions are completed.
  • Sun Key, Ghost Key, and King's Key
    • These three keys appear in Phantom Hourglass, and open special doors throughout your quest.
  • Small Keys
    • These keys appear in almost all Zelda games, and are single-use keys that are used to open the various locked doors in each dungeon.