Super NES Development Team

Head Programmer

S. Patrick

Support Programmer

J. Stafford

Additional Programming

O. Norton

P. Wattis

Graphic Artist

D. Smith

Music & Effects

G. Norgate

Quality Assurance

H. Ward

G. Richards

J. Hastie

J. Charlesworth

G. Hood

P. Weaver

I. Marshall

H. Sterchi

A. Williams

R. Richardson

Original KI Development Team

Head Programmer

M. Betteridge

Gameplay Programmer

C. Tilston

Technical Programmer

M. Hollis

3D Programming

R. Harrison

Character Design and Models

K. Bayliss

Background Design and Models

C. Seavor

T. Stamper

Music and Sound

R. Beanland

G. Norgate

Motion Capture Actors

K. Bayliss

S. Farmer

L. Stamper

D. Smith

Character Voices

C. Sutherland

K. Lobb

F. Newborough

K. Tamura

H. Sterchi

I. Marshall


C. Stamper

P. Cox

Game Design

C. Tilston

M. Betteridge

K. Bayliss

K. Lobb

Special Thanks

Mr. Yamauchi

M. Arakawa

H. Lincoln

D. Owsen

J. Hochberg



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