King is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily in Mega Man & Bass.


Mega Man & Bass

King made his first and only appearance in the game. He took over Wily's New Castle to use as a base and recruit the eight robots and the two of Wily's robots are Astro Man and Tengu Man. King began his army and bring in the battle of his army.

After his last words, the castle explodes.

When Bass battles King, Bass must hit King and avoid the attacks fired by him. His attacks may be more high in normal mode.

In hard mode, King will damage Bass badly.

Lightning Bolt is the best weapon to use to defeat King.

After Mega Man returned home after defeating Wily, he was saddened that he died, but Roll gives him a letter.


King likes chess and dislikes people.

Eye color

King's eye color is green.

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