King Bill

King Bills are a species of Bullet Bill. They are the largest species of Bullet Bills, even far, far too bigger than previous largest one, Big Bullet Bill, Missile Banzai Bill or Banzai Bill. The only game they appear is New Super Mario Bros. Wii in the final zone, World 9-8. Their color is reddish-gray. They have mouth showing gigantic canine teeth. They also have eyes and eye's pupil will follow Mario in same direction. They can be predicted by a blue arrow or coins making Bullet Bill shape. They are undefeatable in the game. It is unknown if Mega Mushroom can destroy these massive creature but can be defeated in beta version. You cannot kill them even running them with the power of Star. Unlike all of other species of Bullet Bills, he smiles in less-rude way. In fact he almost smiles like a humans does! Banzai Bills smiles angrily, while Bullet Bill lack mouths. To avoid him, you must not go to high. Since the blocks have bouncy clouds, the player need to bounce under stone blocks. Otherwise King Bill will destroy blocks. He can also kill Mario instantly regardless of what form of Mario uses.