These are quotes said by King K. Rool.


  • "I'm surrounded by fools!"
  • "Klump! Krusha! Back to the mine. By the time we get there, I'll have thought of some way that I can blame all of this on you two home-spun idiots!"
  • "Behold! My Doomsday... paper?! Hmm... must be the instructions. [reads] 'Keep your paws off my treasure. Signed-- DONKEY KONG'?!"
  • "Krusha! The cart! [Krusha gets the mine cart] After them! [Krusha takes off without him] Not without me, you stupid, thickheaded tadpole!!"
  • "Just give me your Monkey Business field report, you slimy-skinned bottomfeeder!!!!"
  • "Those clueless chimps may know their way around the island up there, but no one knows the underground like King K. Rool! Left, Krusha! [Krusha turns left and the mine cart crashes] I meant, right!"
  • "The only enemies at a wedding, Klump, are the in-laws."
  • "Very well, then. Da-da-da-da-da. There, I danced, I win, now GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!"
  • "They didn't invite me?! That's so unfair! What's wrong with me?! Haven't I always tried to be a good enemy to Donkey Kong??"
  • "NO, NO, NO! Now they've insulted me! I wouldn't go to that wedding if they begged me to go!"
  • "This had better be good, Klump. I was a toe away from getting into the de-scaling tub for a soak!"
  • "It's at times like this I find that I must ask myself again and again: 'Do I really want the Crystal Coconut this badly?'"
  • "WAKEY-WAKEY! I can see I have my work cut out for me..."
  • "'Fatso', is it? I'd choose my last words more carefully if I were you."
  • "The only moron present is you! Now shut your pie-hole and get your low IQ back to HQ ASAP, you M-O-R-O-N!"
  • "Oh, Krusha, you lunkhead. If you had two heads you'd be lonesome."
  • "Klump! Didn't I say no news, no calls, no tyranny until tomorrow!? It's a bad villain day!"
  • "Listen, you incompetent cretin! I want to be left alone! That means nothing! No one! No interruptions!"


K. Rool: [after winning the dance contest] Now let me see, what do I want? To be ruler of all of Kongo Bongo Island? That sounds good...
Cranky: It's not your fault, Donkey Kong.
Klump: [does his jumping jacks dance]
Cranky: Hahahahaha! Looks like you got your one wish, K. Rool!

DK: Hey, Bluster? This is devastating! We're done for, doomed! Yet you look...
Bluster: Curious? Yes, as to what that crab is doing on King K. Rool's back.
K. Rool: You think someone with my educational background is going to fall for such a desperate, infantile trick as the old "crab-on-the-back" routine? [Crabby bites his tail] Huh? YEEEEOOOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

K. Rool: Think of the possibilities, Klump. Do you realize the things I could do with the Crystal Coconut in one hand and the Golden Banana in the other?
Klump: Um... eh, juggle?

K. Rool: With my KCCBM, we'll be up to our tails in Coconut Chills before you can say "Blast off!"
[Klump pushes a big red button that launches the KCCBM.]
Kritters: HOORAY!!
K. Rool: I wanted to push the big red button!
Klump: But you said "blast off", and I didn't get to say anything!

K. Rool: It's so obvious that the treasure they're looking for is some kind of Doomsday Device capable of destroying an entire island! Do you know what that means?
Krusha: Duh, the apes will have supreme domination over Kongo Bongo Island and probably turn us into matching luggage.
K. Rool: He does have his moments.