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Kirby Slide
Kirby Slide - Gameplay
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) E-Reader platform icon
Genre(s) Puzzle
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Kirby Slide is an e-Reader game made exclusively for the American market. It was released through magazines and at Toys 'r' Us. The magazines that the game was made available through was the December issues of Nintendo Power and Tips & Tricks Magazine. The game is a simple sliding puzzle game where you try to create an image of the Nintendo character Kirby. Once you do, you must start over again. The game was made to promote the FOXBOX Kirby television show.

In the game, there are eight blocks and an empty space. Your goal is to touch one of the blocks that is next to the empty space, which will cause it to move into the space. You continue to do this until the image of Kirby is clear. After you won, you'll be asked to play again, after which you can choose yes or no.

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