Koichi Hayashida
Koichi Hayashida-0
Born 1969
Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Company Nintendo (since 1999)
University Waseda University
Current Position Producer / Group Manager
First game Joy Mech Fight
Latest game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Koichi Hayashida is a Nintendo EPD Tokyo producer as Nintendo EPD8's group manager under Yoshiaki Koizumi. He started out as a programmer and later became a director. He is best known for his involvement on various 3D Mario titles.


After graduating from college in 1991, Hayashida attended the Nintendo Dentsu Game Seminar in 1992, where he and Koichiro Eto programmed Joy Mech Fight, which was published in 1993.

Hayashida later officially joined the company in May 1999, where his first notable work was Super Mario Sunshine as the main programmer. He was transfered to Nintendo EAD Tokyo along with several other developers after Nintendo's reestructure.

He later went on to direct 3D Mario titles since Super Mario Galaxy 2, as well as NES Remix. Eventually he was promoted to producer of the Tokyo branch.

Hayashida also provided the voice of Major Burrows in Super Mario Galaxy.

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