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A Kong is an ape or monkey capable of speech and building houses. The Kongs willingly wear clothes, and some of them have hairstyles. The majority of Kongs originate from the Donkey Kong Island living in jungles and treetops.

They were most notable for being the heroic race in Donkey Kong series for always face the Kremling Krew, defeat Wizpig a race, destroying the Tiki Tak Tribe and expelling the Snowmads.

Not all Kongs are heroes, though; some, such as Mankys, Minkeys, Ninjapes and the Ba-Boom, seem to be rebels and minions. Ghastly King was first Kong main antagonist of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

Notable Kongs


  • In the real world, Kong is a colloquial term referring to any type of monkey or ape.

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