Barrel donkey

A Strong Kong Barrel

Kong Barrels are one of the types of Barrels found in only Donkey Kong 64. They contain "Barrel Moves" that Cranky can teach each Kong. Crystal Coconuts are the only thing that can keep the move going after the Kong hops into the Barrel. There are five different barrels with different pictures on the front indicating which Kong's barrel it is.

  • Strong Kong- Donkey Kong's barrel that gives him invincibility.
  • Rocketbarrel Boost- Diddy Kong's barrel that gives him the power to fly until his Crystal Coconuts run out.
  • Hunky Chunky- Chunky Kong's barrel that allows him to grow in strength and size while he has Crystal Coconuts.
  • Mini-Monkey- Tiny Kong's barrel that lets her shrink to a very small size to gain access to small passageways and secrets.
  • OrangSprint- Lanky Kong's barrel that lets him run extremely quickly on his hands.