Kong Family


The Kong Family is the name of all Donkey Kong's family and friends. Though some of the Kong Family isn't even related to Donkey Kong, they are considered Kongs. It is a sign of their union as a species, and clan. Once membership is earned, that ape is considered a Kong. They are always fighting the evil Kremling Krew, who is always stealing DK's Banana Hoard, or stealing other Kongs. They don't all appear in all the games, but in some games, most of them are playable or supporting.

Members of the Kong Family

DK's Family

  • Cranky Kong - Donkey Kong's grandfather, and Wrinkly Kong's husband. He is the "Original" Donkey Kong from the 1981 arcade game. he has the same name of the current Donkey Kong, but people call him Cranky Kong now.
  • Wrinkly Kong - Donkey Kong's grandmother, and Cranky Kong's wife.
  • Donkey Kong Jr. - Donkey Kong's father and Cranky's son.
  • Donkey Kong - Ruler of Donkey Kong Island. Wrinkly and Cranky Kong's grandson. Diddy Kong's uncle and best friend.
  • Diddy Kong - Donkey Kong's nephew and best buddy.

Dixie's Family

  • Dixie Kong - Tiny Kong's sister, and Diddy Kong's love interest.
  • Tiny Kong - Dixie Kong's sister.
  • Chunky Kong - Kiddy Kong's brother, as well as the cousin of Dixie and Tiny. He is the strongest Kong on the island.
  • Kiddy Kong - Chunky Kong's brother.

Kong Friends

  • Funky Kong - A friend of the Kong's.
  • Candy Kong - Donkey Kong's rumored love interest.
  • Swanky Kong - Relation is unknown.
  • Lanky Kong - Relation to the Kong's is unknown, but Cranky Kong calls him "A twisted twig on a distant branch of the family tree."

Banned Members

  • Manky Kongs - Its was part of the Kong family, but were kicked out for being to mischievous. They now hate the Kongs, and are villains in Donkey Kong Country. They are much different in appearance from the Kongs.
  • Ba-Boom - Evidenced for no DK tie signs in Bright Savannah, Ba-Boom must have been banished from family and became Snowmad commander betraying his own island showing the way of same to Lord Fredrik take it.

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