Koopa Kid

A red, blue, and green Koopa Kid from Mario Party 5
Series Mario series
First game Mario Party 5
Species Koopa
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This article is about the Mario Party character. For Bowser's children, see Koopalings or Bowser Jr..

Koopa Kids are minions of Bowser's army whom have appeared in, and only appeared in, a few of the Mario Party video games. They resemble Bowser Jr. in appearance, though they shouldn't be confused with each other. Their first playable appearance was in Mario Party 5 for the Nintendo GameCube, where there were three different ones (a red, blue, and green one). They also appeared in Mario Party Advance, where there seemed to be hundreds of them. They're relationship with Bowser is still unconfirmed as they have referred to him in many different ways. Some of these names include "Boss" and other times "Papa".