In EarthBound, the Kraken is a sea serpent found in the sea that connects Summers and Scaraba, and serves as a boss in the game. Numerous sailors had previously failed at sailing to the desert city for this reason. Krakens can breathe fire, use lightning attacks, use PK Flash, generate a tornado or emit a pale green light which cancels all PSI effects. In addition, they are strong against Hypnosis. Once this Kraken is defeated, ships are again able to travel without worries. Curiously, in a restaurant in Summers, one can buy Kraken soup. In the Sea of Eden in Magicant, these appear as well, but they are not as difficult to fight anymore.

A Bionic Kraken is a more powerful, pink version of the Kraken, this time found in the Cave of the Past. This one can do the same actions as the regular Kraken, except it cannot cast use PK Flash. They are strong against Hypnosis and freeze attacks. It is also notable for dropping the game's best bat, the Gutsy Bat.

Kraken:(+) Max HP: 1097 - Max PP: 176 - Offense: 105 - Defense: 166 - Speed: 21 - Guts: 1 - Exp.: 79267 - Money: $3049 - No chance of getting an item

Bionic Kraken:(+) Max HP: 900 - Max PP: 600 - Offense: 155 - Defense: 195 - Speed: 42 - Guts: 1 - Exp.: 50308 - Money: $960 - 1/128 chance of getting a Gutsy Bat



EarthBound 64's Kraken

In EarthBound 64, a two-headed Kraken, different in look from EarthBound's, was planned to appear. It is not known what its role would be or how important to the story it was, but it does not make an appearance in the finalized Mother 3.