Kremlantis - Overview - Donkey Kong Land
Kremlantis' overview in Donkey Kong Land.
Series Donkey Kong
First game Donkey Kong Land
Creator Rare, Ltd.

Kremlantis is the second world found in Donkey Kong Land.

It is known to feature many underwater levels along with having Colossal Clambo as the boss of the area. Along with underwater levels, this world features two temple levels and a cave level. This world also features a statue of Colossal Clambo located on the bottom right of the screen.

Due to this world being an aquatic world, this world is known to be inhabited by many aquatic enemies such as Fangfish, Clambos, and Chomps. This world is the home to the level being the only one to feature Nemos with the level being Nautilus Chase.



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