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Kremling's Lost World

Kremling's Lost World

Kremling's Lost World was secret area and Kremlings birthplace protected for King K. Rool's doorman Klubba.


As its name suggests, this area was a hidden and ancient place where has entrances spread in all locations of Crocodile Isle (except Gangplank Galleon and Flying Krock, because are vehicles). Ancient jungles contains spike traps with Kong skulls, which shows some Kongs visitors entered in Lost World and don't returned anymore; others areas this place includes a small volcano and frozen caverns. In the center of the lake contains the large volcano with Kremling's head sculpture pumps out an upward stream of energy which somehow powers Crocodile Isle.


After rescue Donkey Kong in second game, this world are discovery for Cranky Kong in first ending. Diddy and Dixie explore when pay to Klubba 15 Kremkoins in each access. After of true final battle against K. Rool in his pirate days, the same ended up blocking the volcano's flow of energy causing imbalance to cause an explosion from top of the island for excess energy and sink signing the end of K. Rool's domain.


Krocodile Kore

Krocodile Kore

Krocodile Kore

Inside the volcano is a ancient cavernous chamber filled with two bronze muscular Kremlings statues in edges, other both sit in chairs with weapons, treasure chests, bones, four torches, flags in walls and two red rugs with golden boards and Kremling Krew symbol of center in edges. In center contains altar, purple carpet with strage letters and power source pumping with 3 large rings spinning. Here it must have been place of K. Rool's ancestors before of piracy and same dictatorship. It was here that started the true final battle.

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