Lakilester (Paper Mario)
Artwork of Lakilester from Paper Mario
Series Mario series
First game Paper Mario
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Lakilester (prefers to call himself Spike, and at one point "Michael") is a character from Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 and is the last character to join Mario's party on the quest to defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach, as well as her castle. He is a Lakitu. Mario and his party come across him while traveling through Flower Fields. When he see Mario he attacks, as he is working for Huff N. Puff. After he is defeated by Mario a female Lakitu called Lakilulu comes and pleads with Mario not to finish Lakilester off. Then Lakilester asks why Mario is trying to save the world and, regardless of what Mario answers, he decides to join the party.

In Paper Mario

After Mario and party travel through Flower Fields a little they encounter Lakilester. After a battle which Mario and party wins Lakilester is tired out. All of a sudden his girlfriend Lakilulu comes in frantically. She asks Mario not to hurt him and she calls him by his name. He gets angry at this saying he changed his name to "Spike." Spike admires Mario's courage and strength and asks him why he fights. No matter what answer you give him he will become the last member to join Mario and defect from Bowser. He can help go across vines to get to the Huff Puff Machine. When at the top of Cloudy Climb, they encounter Huff n' Puff who is angry for Spike joining Mario. After a fierce battle with the giant cloud, they rescue the sixth Star Spirit. Spike stays with Mario on the adventure even through Bowser's Castle.


Mario can ride the cloud, with Lakilester, over spikes and lava, which would normally damage him.


  • Spiny Flip - 0FP - Lakilester throws a spiny egg at one enemy.
  • Spiny Surge - 4FP - Lakilester throws spiny eggs at all enemies.
  • Cloud Nine - 4FP - Creates a cloud to hide Mario for a short while which boosts Mario's evasion.
  • Hurricane - 5FP - Attempts to use wind to blow away enemies from battle