The Lakitu Orb appeared in Mario Party 5 and Mario Party 7. In Mario Party 5, it could be thrown to a space on the board, or
Lakitu Orb

Lakitu Orb.

used on the player for ten coins. Whoever landed on a space containing the capsule summoned Lakitu, who used his fishing rod to take away a Capsule from another opponent of the user's choice, and gave the stolen capsule to the player. In Mario Party 7, it returned as the Lakitu Orb, which could only be found on the board Neon Hights. Players could only use it on themselves, summoning Lakitu to steal a Treasure Chest from Koopa Kid. However, like the players, Lakitu doesn't know if it contains a Star, coins, or a Bob-omb. He picks completely randomly. Shops in
Lakitu Capsule

Lakitu Cupsule.

Neon Heights sell Lakitu Orbs for twenty-five coins.

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