A Lakitufo
Series Mario & Luigi series
First game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Species Lakitu
Created by AlphaDream
Year Created 2005
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Lakitufos are Lakitus with green antenna and red shells on a UFO in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.


Lakitufos are found only in the Vim Factory.

Baby Mario cannot hammer it as it's an air enemy.

The Lakitufo will fly into Mario and he must jump over it, or jump on it as it does damage.

Mario must destroy the Lakitufo first before it summons Spiny Shroopas.

When not destroyed, it throws a Spiny Shroopa egg. The Lakitufo cannot only throw Spiny Shroopa eggs, but it summons Spiny Shroopas.

When the Lakitufo is alive, it summons more Spiny Shroopas.

Names in other languages

UFOジュゲム (meaning UFO Jugemu (Lakitu) in Japanese)

Lakitovini (meaning a pun on "Lakitu" and "OVINNI" (UFO) in both, Spanish and French)

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