The Leaf Cup is the cup in the Mario Kart series. Introduced in Mario Kart DS, it is the 3rd Retro Cup and is represented by the Super Leaf. With Mario Kart 7, the leaf takes on its more modern appearance instead of looking like a falling leaf.

List of Courses

Game Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4
Mario Kart DSSNES Koopa Beach 2N64 Choco MountainGBA Luigi CircuitGCN Mushroom Bridge
Mario Kart WiiDS Desert Hills GBA Bowser Castle 3 N64 D.K.'s Jungle ParkwayGCN Mario Circuit
Mario Kart 7N64 Kalimari DesertDS DK PassGCN Daisy CruiserWii Maple Treeway
Mario Kart 8DS Wario StadiumGCN Sherbet Land3DS  Music ParkN64 Yoshi Valley

Other appearances

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