Leene's Bell

Leene's Bell in the center of Leene Square
Game Chrono Trigger
Era of origin 600 A.D.
Type of item Town bell
Affiliation Kingdom of Guardia
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Leene's Bell is a bell that hangs in the center of Leene Square in Chrono Trigger. It was forged in 600 A.D. by the blacksmith Banta and still exists 400 years later. It was made specifically to honor Queen Leene. People say that whoever hears the Bell ring will lead interesting and happy lives.


The Millennial Fair

When Crono and Marle met at the Millennial Fair, Leene's Bell began to ring.

The Queen Returns

Crono meets Banta in one of the Residences in Truce just after he's transported to 600 A.D. via the Telepod. He watches the blacksmith working on the Bell. Banta tells Crono that he's forging the Bell to honor Queen Leene.

The Hero Appears

On their mission to hunt down Magus, Crono and his party pass through Truce where Banta says he's given up on forging Leene's Bell because King Guardia XXI was wounded in battle.