These are the credits of Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins.

Developed by TT FUSION


Lead Design

Art Director

Lead Art

Lead Code

Lead Animation

Story by

Design Team

Art Team

Code Team

Animation Team

Cutscene Animation Team

Audio Team

Music by

Core Technology Code Team

IT Manager

Programming Director

Technical Director

Creative Director

Design Director

Head of Handheld Production

Head of Studio Production

Studio Director

A Special Thanks to...

Published by Nintendo


Project Coordinator


Marketing Support

NOE Localisation Management

NOE Localisation Coordination

NOE Translation

NOA Localization

NOA Product Testing

NOE QA Coordination

NOA Business Development

NOE Business Development

Special Thanks

General Producer

Executive Producer

TT Games Publishing

Managing Director

Head of Production

Executive Producer

Production Assistant

Extra Production

Senior QA Manager

QA Manager

QA Project Lead

QA Senior Testers

QA Technicians

QA Compliance Lead

QA Compliance

Additional QA

Localisation Manager

Senior Localisation Testers

Localisation Testers

Finance Director

Financial Controller

Management Accountant

LEGO Group

Director of Digital Games

Senior Development Manager

Development Manager

Marketing Director

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Associate Marketing Manager

Design Director

Design Director

Design Manager

Assistant Brand Relations Manager

Assistant Marketing Manager

WB Games, Inc.

Talent, Music, Rights & Clearances

Director, Talent Relations

Coordinator, Talent & Music

Manager, Rights & Clearances

Music Consultant

Director, Developer Relations & Acquisitions, WBHEG

Vice President, Business Development

Deputy General Counsel

Vice President, Finance

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing

Senior Vice President, Production & Development

SVP, Global Business Development, WBHEG

Senior Vice President, Games, EU


Game Developed by TT Games Publishing Ltd.

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