Lethal Lava Land
Lethal lava land

Series Mario series
First game Super Mario 64

Lethal Lava Land as the name implies is a lava level in Super Mario 64 and its remake Super Mario 64 DS and is the seventh main level in the games. It is a giant pathway surrounded by a sea of lava. At some points other pathways the lava spews up like gas that can burn Mario. Avoiding the lava sometimes has the disadvantage that Bullies can push Mario into it. On one side of the level, there is a Koopa shell that can be used to surf across the lava itself unless a wall is ran into. There is also a miniature volcano that shoots out fire which can be entered from the top. In the DS version this the only course where Mario can get his balloon ability power flower and wing cap.


  • Boil the Big Bully
  • Bully the Bullies
  • 8-Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces
  • Red-Hot Log Rolling
  • Hot-Foot-It Into the Volcano
  • Elevator Tour in the Volcano (called Inside The Volcano in the Nintendo DS version)
  • Flaming Silver Stars (Exclusive to the Nintendo DS remake)
  • 100 Coins

How to get these Stars

  • Boil the Big Bully: You need to go on the wine-red squarish platform. Kill the Bully's dad by pushing him into the poisonous lava. Once he has melted, you reach the star which is above the white step with yellow arrow. Be careful because the step will break apart when stepped on, falling you into the toxic red lava.
  • Bully the Bullies: You should go on the bigger platform similar to original one. You'll see the nasty, annoying, angry creatures (Bullies) shoving you into the pool of sizzling magma. It is quite tricky battle because there are 3 of them, which is an unfair 1 vs 3 battle. When you kill those angered trio, their dad will come and bite you. Kill him by doing the same thing you done at last mission. Then get the star.
  • 8-Coin Puzzle with 15 Pieces: When you doing 3rd mission, you have to face backwards and then perform a excellent backward somersault near the bridge with malicious eye in middle of the black platform. You'll see the white puzzles with Bowser picture shown. Get all red coins while avoiding ferocious magma. Then get the star.
  • Red-Hot Log Rolling: When you are doing 4th mission, you have to go near the volcano but don't go inside. Go to the platform with double Bullies and then go into the small grey platform. Ride in this platform while avoiding baking geysers. Unlike the name, the log is brown and cool. Ride in this log but take care with your balance. Or fall in the lava then reach the surface with the Star in it. Then carry the Star.
  • Hot-Foot-It into the Volcano: If you doing this 5th volcano, you have to go into the volcano. Volcano is one the most dangerous place because of the sticky magma slowly moving. There are extra Bullies and one of the wall will attempt to crush you just like Grindel and Thwomp do. Stay on the black islands, fire-colored floor or on the lime/pear-colored elevator. Go on the top and then collect the star.
  • Elevator Tour into the Volcano (Inside the Volcano in its successor): When doing this 6th mission, you have to go into the volcano again. Ride in the elevator until you found floating floor or another elevator. Then get the star.
  • Flaming Silver Star (DS version): When doing this 7th mission in DS version, hit the ! block and ride on the green shell. Collect all the silver stars. Green shell will come in handy. If you lose the shell, you fall into the nasty magma/lava. But doing this mission without the help of green shell is not impossible. If you got all the gray-colored stars, get the normal star inside the white oval-like sphere.
  • 100 coins: Do not go into the volcano unless at least 81 coins have been acquired as there are only 19 coins in there. There are more than enough coins outside the volcano.
    • (DS Version) As Wario, break the black brick. There will be a blue switch revealed. The blue switch will make blue coins appear. Then, ride the green shell from nearby yellow box to grab them.