Lickety Spit
Lickety Spit
Series Dragon Quest
First game Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime
Created by Square Enix
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Lickety Spit is a boss from Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. He is a Gripevine. He guards the Plob's operation in Flucifer's Necropolis.


You actually don't fight Lickety Spit directly, he can be seen on the top screen during the battle. Lickety Spit attacks by sticking his vines into the ground and using them to attack, he also sticks out his tongue to try to eat Rocket.

To defeat him you must throw Cactiballs on to his tongue when he sticks it out. If you accidentally
Cactiball Rocket Slime

A Cactiball

touch his tongue he will try to eat you, but damage you and spit you out instead.



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