Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen
Series Cars and Cars 2
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Lightning McQueen, or simply just known as Lightning is a car in Cars and Cars 2. His girlfriend calls him 'Stickers'. He (his last name is 'queen' but male) is a red racing car with eyes. He resembles smiling, red, fire-colored racing car. He is the protagonist in Cars, but a deuteragonist in its successor. He is voiced by Owen Wilson, Jan Lamb & Keith Ferguson. He tried to stop nasty green car called Chick Hicks, who is the main antagonist in Cars. His allies include Mater, Sally, Doc, Mack, Finn, The King, Francesco (formerly not nice to him), Flo, Fillmore, Sarge, Holley, Luigi & Guido. His enemies include Chick Hicks, Francesco (not evil, but friendly 'enemy' to Lightning), Ivan, Professor Z, Grem & Acer.


Lightning is a smiling, red, fire-colored sports car with blue eyes and red eyelashes. He normally have steel tires, but sometimes red tires. The fiery, orange/yellow fire decorates the door which is completely impossible to open it and get inside him. At the front, he has a stretched, wide, U-like white mouth which means he can talk to other cars. His girlfriend calls him Stickers, which could possibly his nickname. At the back, there is a red thing and small red headlights. The 'fire' door has a red/orange number called 95, whilst his green enemy (Chick Hicks) have 86 number. He was originally being mischievous and slightly silly but now he is seen being snobbish, boasting and sensible. In Cars Race-O-Rama, you can paint him light blue or bluish-cyan, and he will have 'Dragon' sticker with tires of the same color or orange with steel tires and black lines. He is so interested about Piston Cup and always wanted to get it and win the race; his enemies, such as Chick Hicks or others, still wanted to get the cup.

Can be available at different colors?:

  1. He can be painted light blue (bluish-cyan) with tires of same color and 'Dragon' livery sticker.
  2. He can be painted orange with black lines and metallic tires (tyres in United Kingdom).
  3. He can be painted red with everything either red, pinkish-red, or pinky-white.