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Link: The Faces of Evil
Link The Faces of Evil
North American box art
Developer(s) Animation Magic
Publisher(s) Philips Media
Platform(s) CD-i platform icon
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
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Link: The Faces of Evil is one of the three Legend of Zelda games created exclusively for the Philips CD-i. Nintendo had virtually nothing to do with the game. It was developed in tandem with, and released on the same day as Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon.


The Plot revolves around a Hylian named Link that has to travel to a Land called Koridai in order to Defeat Ganon. Koridai is a region in the mountains that have many faces sculpted into it by builders of some kind. Its unclear when these Face builders actually built them . The back story of the game is not really clear on this. Link has the help of a Wizard on a Magic Carpet and they both travel From Hyrule Castle , Hyrule to Koridai. This wizard will ocasionally give you helpful tips on defeating Ganon.

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