This is a list of Mother 3 items.

Disposable Items

HP-Recovering Items

  • Bag of Big City Fries: Recovers about 70 HP.
  • Bag of Pork Chips: Recovers about 50 HP.
  • Baked Yam: Recovers about 40 HP.
  • Beef Jerky: Recovers about 60 HP.
  • Beefsteak: Recovers about 300 HP.
  • Big City Burger: Recovers about 100 HP.
  • Big City Cola: Recovers about 30 HP.
  • Big City Soda: Recovers about 20 HP.
  • Bread Roll: Recovers about 60 HP.
  • Cup of Pork Noodles: Recovers about 80 HP.
  • Doggy Biscuit: Recovers about 60 HP.
  • Doggy Jerky: Recovers about 150 HP.
  • Double Jerky: Recovers about 160 HP.
  • Edible Mushroom: Recovers about 20 HP.
  • Favorite Food: Recovers about 300 HP.
  • Favorite Pizza: Recovers about 250 HP.
  • Fizzy Soda: Recovers about 20 HP.
  • Fresh Egg: Recovers about 80 HP.
  • Fresh Milk: Recovers about 80 HP.
  • Giant Abalone Steak: Recovers about 180 HP.
  • Grilled Chicken: Recovers about 170 HP.
  • Grilled Fish: Recovers about 120 HP.
  • Hot Dog Sushi: Recovers about 120 HP.
  • Hot Spring Egg: Recovers about 100 HP.
  • Innit Tea: Recovers about 15 HP.
  • Jumbo Shrimp Soup: Recovers about 150 HP.
  • King Burger: Recovers about 280 HP.
  • Lotto Meal: Has various effects in battle.
  • Lucky Rice: Recovers HP based on its user's luck.
  • Luxury Banana: Recovers about 120 HP.
  • Nut: Recovers about 5 HP.
  • Nut Bread: Recovers about 30 HP.
  • Nut Cookie: Recovers about 15 HP.
  • Pasta with a Past: Recovers about 190 HP.
  • Peculiar Cheese: Recovers HP varying from person to person.
  • Pickled Veggie Plate: Recovers about 10 HP.
  • Pork Stew: Recovers about 100 HP.
  • Rich Kid Stew: Recovers about 150 HP.
  • Rick Parfait: Recovers about 170 HP.
  • Rotten Milk: Recovers about 10 HP.
  • Sincerity Dumplings: Recovers about 100 HP.
  • Strawberry Tofu: Recovers about 120 HP.
  • White Croissant: Recovers about 70 HP.
  • Yogurt: Recovers about 80 HP.

PP-Restoring Items

  • Magic Cake: Restores about 50 PP.
  • Magic Gelatin: Restores about 20 PP.
  • Magic Pudding: Restores about 40 PP.
  • Magic Tart: Restores about 30 PP.


  • Aeolia's Memento: Instant revival after KO.
  • Alarm Cicada: Cures sleepiness.
  • Antidote: Cures poison.
  • Anti-Paralysis: Cures paralysis.
  • Cup of Life Noodles: Cures all status ailments and brings one character back to life with full HP.
  • Doria's Memento: Instant revival after KO.
  • Eye Drops: Cures crying.
  • Flea Powder: Cures fleas.
  • Fresh Mint: Cures nausea.
  • Ionia's Memento: Instant revival after KO.
  • Lydia's Memento: Instant revival after KO.
  • Missy's Memento: Instant revival after KO.
  • Paper Fan: Cures confusion.
  • Phrygia's Memento: Instant revival after KO.
  • Razor and Lipstick: Instant revival after KO.
  • Secret Herb: Cures all status ailments and brings one character back to life with 25% HP.

Battle Items


  • Bomb: Deals damage.
  • New Year's Eve Bomb: Lowers all enemies' HP to 1.
  • Pencil Rocket: Deals damage.
  • Running Bomb: Deals damage.
  • Sprinting Bomb: Stronger than the Running Bomb.
  • Super Bomb: Stronger than the Bomb.
  • Thunder Bomb: Deals thunder damage.

Offensive Items

  • Ancient Banana: Makes the enemy slip and take damage.
  • Attack Attractor: Attracts more enemies.
  • Bug Spray: Kills a bug-type enemy.
  • Honey Shower: Causes bees to sting the enemy.
  • Saltwater Gun: Deals damage to metallic enemies.

Status-Affecting Items

  • Defense Spray: Raises one party member's defense for the battle.
  • Enemy Bufferizer: Raises one enemy's attack, but makes it worth more experience.
  • Enemy Wimperizer: Lowers one enemy's attack, but makes it worth less experience.
  • Made-You-Look: Makes the enemy turn around.
  • Offense Spray: Raises one party member's attack for the battle.
  • Shield Snatcher: Destroys enemy shields.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Doorknob:
  • Dragonfly:
  • Silver Dragonfly:
  • Trivia Card 1:
  • Trivia Card 2:
  • Trivia Card 3:
  • Trivia Card 4:

Key Items

  • Area Map:
  • Attic Map: Map of the attic of Club Titiboo.
  • Battle Memory: Used to view fought enemies.
  • Bird: Used only after pulling the third Needle to fly to Cerulean Beach, but can be picked up again.
  • Carrier Pigeon: Given to Duster by Wess to convey a message.
  • Cave Map:
  • Child's Shoe: Claus' shoe that the baby Drago is seen chewing.
  • Chimera Lab Map: Map of the Chimera Lab.
  • City Map: Map of New Pork City.
  • Courage Badge: Is turned into the Franklin Badge.
  • Cricket Hole Map: Map of the Mole Cricket Hole.
  • Drago Fang: Use to weaken the Mecha-Drago.
  • Drawbridge Key: Lowers the drawbridge to Osohe Castle.
  • Egg of Light: The Hummingbird Egg.
  • Encouraging Words: Used to move the boulder outside Phrygia's house.
  • Factory Map: Map of the Factory.
  • Franklin Badge: Returns lighting attacks to its user.
  • Highway Map: Map of the highway from the Factory to Thunder Tower.
  • Hypno-Pendulum: Can be used by Duster in battle to put enemies to sleep.
  • Jar of Yummy Pickles: Gift to Ionia from Mixolydia.
  • Mole Cricket Brother: Can be used within the Mole Cricket Hole to teleport to the Mole Cricket Elder.
  • Nail File: Given in an apple to Flint by Claus to escape from the Tazmily jail.
  • Noble Spittoon: Found in Osohe Castle after fighting Lord Passion, but is useless.
  • Osohe Sketch: Drawing of Osohe Castle.
  • Pencil Eraser: Used to erase stone pencils.
  • Pendant: Kumatora's pendant that she dropped in Osohe Castle.
  • Phrygia's Notebook:
  • Pig Mark Notebook: A notebook written on animal experiments.
  • Railway Map: Map of the railway from Tazmily Village to the Factory.
  • Rope Snake: A snake that can be used in place of a rope.
  • Rotten Bavarois: Give to the Osohe Castle ghosts.
  • Rotten Eclair: Trade with Osohe Castle ghosts for other items, including the Rope Snake.
  • Saturn Valley Map: Map of Saturn Valley.
  • Scary Mask: Can be used by Duster in battle to lower enemies' attack.
  • Scrap of Cloth: A small piece of Hinawa's dress.
  • Sea Floor Map: Map of the sea floor from Tazmily Village to Tanetane Island.
  • Smoke Bomb: Can be used by Duster in battle to make enemies cry.
  • Stag Beetle: Can be used by Duster in battle to turn enemies around.
  • Stinkbug's Memory: Recalls the story of Tazmily Village that Leder told the party in New Pork City.
  • Tazmily Map: Map of Tazmily Village.
  • Ticket: Entry ticket to Club Titiboo.
  • Tickle Stick: Can be used by Duster in battle to lower enemies' defense.
  • Tower Sketch: Sketch of the Thunder Tower.
  • Transceiver: Communication device belonging to the Masked Man.
  • Underground Map:
  • Wall Staples: Allow Duster to make ladders on scalable walls.
  • Waters of Time: Destroy the vines blocking Chupichupoyoi Temple.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Chick: Can be sold for 50 DP, but can become a chicken.
  • Chicken: Can be sold for 200 DP.
  • Hermit Crab Shell: Can be sold for 300 DP or returned to the hermit crab for 1,000 DP.
  • Dolphin Ossicle: Sell for 5 DP.
  • Dung: Give to "Wan Sum Dung", a dung beetle, for experience points in Chapter 3.
  • Meteotite: Rare item that can be sold for 2500 DP.

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