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Part No. Item Release Date Picture
NES-002/202 A.C. Adapter 1985 ACadapter1
NES-003/203 RF Switch 1985 RFswitch1
NES-004/204 Controller 1985 NESController2
NES-006/206 300/75Ω Converter 1985 75converter
NES-007/207 75/300Ω Converter 1985 300converter
NES-008/208 Audio/Video Cable 1985 AVcables
NES-011/388 †R.O.B. Filter Lens 1985 ROBfilterLens
151 †R.O.B. Battery Cover 1985 ROBbatteryCover
NES-016/216 *Gyros (2, sold as set) 1985 Gyros
NES-017/217 *Gyro Holder 1985 GyroHolder
NES-018/218 *Gyro Tray 1985 GyroTray
NES-019/219 *GyroSpinner 1985 Spinner
NES-020/220 *Gyro Hands 1985 GyroHands
NES-021 NES Instruction Manual 1985 DeluxeSetManual
221 Colored Blocks (5, sold as set) 1985 Blocks
222 *Block Trays (5, 1985 BlockTrays
223 *Block Hands (2, 1985 BlockHands
370 Stack-Up Accessories Tray 1985 75px
316 Game Pak Sleeve 1985 GamePakSleeve

(† Robotic Operating Buddy Part)

(* Robot Game Pak Part)

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