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This is a list of different companies that either are devoted suportors, or are owned by Nintendo. First party companies are companies that are owned by Nintendo, second parties make games only for Nintendo, and third parties make exclusive games for Nintendo and other companies such as Microsoft and Sony.

Nintendo headquarters and primary offices

Nintendo Central Research & Development (Japan)

Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development

Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development, or Nintendo EAD for short, is the largest division within Nintendo, consisting of various developers who create Nintendo's most popular games. Sometimes they'll even get involved with hardware. The divisions within Nintendo EAD include:

Nintendo Software Planning and Development

The main purpose of Nintendo Software Planning and Development is to assist other developers in creating Nintendo published video games, though they themselves also develop original titles. The divisions of SPD include:

Nintendo Research and Engineering

Nintendo Integrated Research and Development

Nintendo Integrated Research and Development consists of employees that create Nintendo hardware. Divisions include:

Nintendo Network Service Development

Divisions of Nintendo Network Service Development include:

Nintendo Software Design & Development

Nintendo Software Design & Development has developed numerous products for the Wii and Nintendo DS ranging from the Wii channels to Photo Dojo on DSiWare.

Nintendo Business Operation Technology

Nintendo Business Operation Technology assists in the development of video games developed by companies outside of Nintendo.

Nintendo Research & Development Subsidiaries

Sales and marketing


Nintendo Subsidiary Software Development

Nintendo Satellite Software Development

Former Second Parties

Nintendo Partner Development Studios

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