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The following are a list of major people who have or are currently working at Nintendo.



  • Fusajiro Yamauchi - The founder and first president of Nintendo. (1889-1929)
  • Sekiryo Yamauchi - The second president of Nintendo. (1929-1949)
  • Hiroshi Yamauchi - Third president; brought company into video game industry. (1949-2002)
  • Satoru Iwata - Fourth president. Previously was president of HAL Laboratory. (2002-2015)
  • Tatsumi Kimishima - Fifth president. Previously second president of Nintendo of America and was Managing Director from 2013 to 2015. (2015 - )

Nintendo of America

Nintendo of Europe

  • Satoru Shibata - Current president of Nintendo of Europe. Formerly the president of Nintendo of Australia/ New Zealand

Nintendo of Korea


Nintendo EAD/EPD



Music Composers

Other Departments

Nintendo Software Technology

Retro Studios

Monolith Soft

Second parties


Voice Actors

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