List of enemies from Paper Mario

The following are a list of enemies from the Nintendo 64 video game Paper Mario.

Image Enemy Information
PaperKoopatroopa Koopa Troopa
PaperParatroopa Paratroopa
Kpkoopa KP Koopa Troopa
Kpparatroopa KP Paratroopa
Darkkoopa Dark Koopa
Darkparatroopa Dark Paratroopa
Shadykoopa Shady Koopa Troopa
Sparatroopa Shady Paratroopa
Dullbones Dull Bones
Drybones Dry Bones
Redbones Redbones
Darkbones Dark Bones
Hammerbro Hammer Bro
PM Boomerang Bro Boomerang Bro
PM Fire Bro Fire Bro
Koopatrol Koopatrol
Dkoopatrol Dark Koopatrol
PaperLakitu Lakitu
Darklakitu Dark Lakitu
Magikoopa Magikoopa

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