The following are the events in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

There are 62 events in all, though they are separated into two categories - solo and co-op. For solo mode, there are 41 events while there are 21 for co-op mode. In the events, you're required to finish a certain goal, usually playing as a pre-determined character. The following will help you beat the events!

1-Two Trouble Kings

Playable Character - Mario
Opponents - Bowser, King Dedede
Stage - Delfino Plaza

Here you must fight both Bowser and King Dedede using one character. No matter which difficulty setting you play on, this shouldn't be too hard at all. It's basically an introduction event and one that you should play just to get the hang of things. If you're having trouble, just use Mario's smash attacks - they have plenty of potential. Because the two of them are huge and slow, you should have no problem as Mario's a much faster character who can deliver attacks in quick succession. Arial attacks are also good.

2-Landmaster Ignition

3-Pink Ball Repulsion