The following are a list of stages in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Stage Games Description
Battlefield SmashBrosSymbol
SSBB This stage returns from Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee. This time, its appearance looks more like Fire Emblem or The Legend of Zelda. It is a floating isle, with three smaller floating platforms above it. It will change from Day and Night, but this doesn't effect Game Play.
Battleship Halberd KirbySymbol
SSBB The Battleship Halberd is Meta Knight's ship, first seen in Kirby Super Star. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the battle takes place on a stage similar to Battlefield, except with only one big platform above it. After a while, the platform lands on the actual Halberd itself, where a double-barreled battery rests in the background. It will continue to shoot beams, fire missiles, and even attack the fighters with its robotic arm.
Bridge of Eldin ZeldaSymbol
SSBB This stage is from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is simply a long and flat stage, and doesn't have many gimmicks. It does, however, have edges on the sides. Occasionally, King Bulblin and Lord Bulbo will appear, and toss Bombs onto the center of the bridge, destroying it. This also causes massive damage to other players. The stage rebuilds itself shortly after.
Brinstar MetroidSymbol
SSBM, SSBB The Brinstar stage was originally in the first Super Smash Bros. game and takes place on a floating island in the middle of the planet Brinstar, from the Mertroid Series.
Castle Siege FireEmblemSymbol
SSBB This is the first Fire Emblem stage in Super Smash Bros. However, it is based on the series as a whole, not one particular game. It takes place on the roof, and after a certain time passes, it gives way, and the players fall into the throne room. The statues holding up the platforms are breakable. The floor will give way again after a certain time, and the players reach the Underground. The Underground is a huge dark cavern surrounded by molten lava. After the fighting is complete here, the players travel to the top of the castle again.

Distant Planet PikminSymbol
SSBB This is the first Pikmin based stage in the Super Smash Bros. This stage is directly based on the Forest of Hope section of the new Planet that Captain Olimar discovers. The middle of the stage is very bouncey because it is made of vines. Players can also grab pellets from Pellet Posies at a nearby Onion to get an item. The stage experiences rain which can cause the terrain to get very slippery. Red Bulborbs patrol the area and will attempt to eat if you get to close.
Delfino Plaza MarioSymbol
SSBB Taken straight from Super Mario Sunshine, Delfino Plaza was the first area in the said game. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, however, it takes place on a floating ship, high above Delfino Plaza. It will occasionally land, and the players can have a normal fight. However, the ship takes off again, but will eventually land again. The process continues until a player wins.
Great Fox StarFoxSymbol
SSM, SSBM, SSBB Stage from the Star Fox Series. Well known for its flat surface, it was one of many people favorite stage in Super Smash Brothers. The fighter pilots have returned but once again the background has been changed.
Lylat Cruise StarFoxSymbol
SSBB A stage from the Star Fox Series as a whole. It will take place on the new, never before seen ship, the Pleiades. The stage flies across the Lylat System, going through many different obstacles. These include the inside of an asteroid, Corneria's atmosphere, and even a space fight. This may effect the battle, but it is unknown. Arwing's also shoot the players.
MarioCircuit SSBB
Mario Circuit MarioSymbol
SSBB A stage based on the Mario Kart Series, it will be more based on Mario Kart DS than any other Mario Kart game. It will be a scrolling stage, with Shy Guy's riding karts, who are only seen in the DS game, who will occasionally drive by, and knock the other players around. Nothing else is known about the stage, however.

Mushroomy Kingdom MarioSymbol
SSBB This stage is based on widely popular Super Mario Bros. series. This stage is the reminiscing of the original Super Mario Bros.'s World 1-1. The new feature that is added, hence the "y", is that it side scrolls. It moves form left to right, just like in the game series. The only difference is that the kingdom has turned to ruins over the long years, so the stage looks very much like a desert. The stage also travels to different worlds, like World 1-2.
Norfair MetroidSymbol
SSBB Based on the Norfair region of the Metroid games. Like many previous Metroid Super Smash Bros. stages, it takes place in a cavern with magma that constantly rises and falls. However, nothing else has really been seen at this moment.
New Pork City

New Pork City EarthboundSymbol
SSBB A very large stage, comaparable to the Hyrule Temple stage from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Its incredibly large size and many road blocks are the stages main gimmick, allowing for a very large fight space. Occasionally, the Ultimate Chimera will appear and attack the players.
PictoChat DSSymbol
SSBB A simplistic stage that takes place on a single platform. As time passes, sketches are drawn onto the stage, which can act as obstacles or extra platforms. The stage has its very own emblem to represent it, hinting at a playable character to represent the Nintendo DS.

Pokémon Stadium 2 PokemonSymbol
SSBB This stage is similar to the Pokémon Stadium from Super Smash Bros. Melee, but differs slightly in appearance. It has been updated to match its appearance in Pokémon Stadium 2. It will occasionally change terrain, shifting into either an Ice terrain, a Ground terrain, a Flying terrain, or an Electric terrain. Each terrain effects the battle in some way. This time, Pokémon will appear in the background of each terrain.
Rumble Falls DKSymbol
SSBB This stage is based on Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. It will be very similar to the Ice Climbers stage in Melee, Icicle Mountain. It will scroll up and down, and players have to keep climbing or falling, or else they will lose a life. However, this stage will keep scrolling up, and won't go down until it reaches the top. Players can also climb ladders, something unique to Super Smash Bros.. The stage loops until the battle ends.
Shadow Moses Island MetalGearSymbol
SSBB Snake's stage, that first appeared in the game, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. It is the first third party stage seen. Taking place in front of a helipad, with two watch towers on the sides, which can be destroyed, allowing players to be tossed off the sides. Snake can communicate with the other members of FOXHOUND on this stage, who will give him advice on his opponents.
Skyworld KidIcarusSymbol
SSBB Skyworld is based on Angel Land from Kid Icarus, making this stage Pit's home stage. It has a statue of Palutena in the background. It is set on a large amount of platforms, that break the instant they are stepped on. Players will have to jump off quickly before they fall off. The platforms will reassemble very quickly, so players don't have to jump OFF the platforms, just simply jump. Players can use these breakable platforms to their advantages.
Smashville AnimalCrossingSymbol
SSBB A stage based on the Animal Crossing Series. The name of the stage is a reference to the fact that the player is able to name his city in the beginning of the game. The stage is similar to Battlefield, however, it only has one large platform hovering above it, instead of three small platforms hovering above it. The player can see the Animal Crossing characters in the background, and if the player plays on this stage at 8:00PM on Saturday, K.K. Slider will perform a music concert.
The Summit IceClimbersSymbol
SSBB A stage set on top of Icicle Mountain. After a little while, the stage breaks off, causing it to slide down the steep mountain. It then lands on the water, and starts sailing across the water. In this state, the stage will not jerk around very much, but the Polar Bear may stand on the top of the stage, sinking it into the water. This allows a fish from Balloon Fight to jump up an attack players.
WarioWare WarioSymbol
SSBB Probably the most creative and wacky stage in Super Smash Bros., the stage is based on the WarioWare sub-series, particularly WarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgames!. In the stage, the players take part in several Microgames, each of them different. The challengers will have to complete the different conditions in the microgame, and they will earn a reward. After the timer stops, the players fight in a stage with no real added effects.
Yoshi's Island YoshiSymbol
SSBB Based on Yoshi's Island's appearance in Yoshi Touch & Go and Yoshi's Island DS, it acts as Yoshi's home stage. It is set on a large platform, somewhat zig zaggy platform, with another smaller one hovering above it. The seasons will change as the battle goes on, which is assumed to effect gameplay. Shy Guy's will pass by with food, and a Support Ghost will occasionally rise up on the side, to act as another platform for the players. It will go back down in the pit after a while, however.