List of Technical Machines by generation

01Mega PunchDynamicPunchFocus PunchFocus PunchHone Claws Hone Claws Work Up
02Razor WindHeadbuttDragon ClawDragon ClawDragon Claw Dragon Claw Dragon Claw
03Swords DanceCurseWater PulseWater PulsePsyshock Psyshock Psyshock
04WhirlwindRolloutCalm MindCalm MindCalm Mind Calm Mind Calm Mind
05Mega KickRoarRoarRoarRoar Roar Roar
06ToxicToxicToxicToxicToxic Toxic Toxic
07Horn DrillZap CannonHailHailHail Hail Hail
08Body SlamRock SmashBulk UpBulk UpBulk Up Bulk Up Bulk Up
09Take DownPsych UpBullet SeedBullet SeedVenoshock Venoshock Venoshock
10Double-EdgeHidden PowerHidden PowerHidden PowerHidden Power Hidden Power Hidden Power
11BubbleBeamSunny DaySunny DaySunny DaySunny Day Sunny Day Sunny Day
12Water GunSweet ScentTauntTauntTaunt Taunt Taunt
13Ice BeamSnoreIce BeamIce BeamIce Beam Ice Beam Ice Beam
14BlizzardBlizzardBlizzardBlizzardBlizzard Blizzard Blizzard
15Hyper BeamHyper BeamHyper BeamHyper BeamHyper Beam Hyper Beam Hyper Beam
16Pay DayIcy WindLight ScreenLight ScreenLight Screen Light Screen Light Screen
17SubmissionProtectProtectProtectProtect Protect Protect
18CounterRain DanceRain DanceRain DanceRain Dance Rain Dance Rain Dance
19Seismic TossGiga DrainGiga DrainGiga DrainTelekinesis Roost Roost
20RageEndureSafeguardSafeguardSafeguard Safeguard Safeguard
21Mega DrainFrustrationFrustrationFrustrationFrustration Frustration Frustration
22SolarBeamSolarBeamSolarBeamSolarBeamSolarBeam Solar Beam Solar Beam
23Dragon RageIron TailIron TailIron TailSmack Down Smack Down Smack Down
24ThunderboltDragonBreathThunderboltThunderboltThunderbolt Thunderbolt Thunderbolt
25ThunderThunderThunderThunderThunder Thunder Thunder
26EarthquakeEarthquakeEarthquakeEarthquakeEarthquake Earthquake Earthquake
27FissureReturnReturnReturnReturn Return Return
28DigDigDigDigDig Dig Leech Life
29PsychicPsychicPsychicPsychicPsychic Psychic Psychic
30TeleportShadow BallShadow BallShadow BallShadow Ball Shadow Ball Shadow Ball
31MimicMud-SlapBrick BreakBrick BreakBrick Break Brick Break Brick Break
32Double TeamDouble TeamDouble TeamDouble TeamDouble Team Double Team Double Team
33ReflectIce PunchReflectReflectReflect Reflect Reflect
34BideSwaggerShock WaveShock WaveSludge Wave Sludge Wave Sludge Wave
35MetronomeSleep TalkFlamethrowerFlamethrowerFlamethrower Flamethrower Flamethrower
36SelfdestructSludge BombSludge BombSludge BombSludge Bomb Sludge Bomb Sludge Bomb
37Egg BombSandstormSandstormSandstormSandstorm Sandstorm Sandstorm
38Fire BlastFire BlastFire BlastFire BlastFire Blast Fire Blast Fire Blast
39SwiftSwiftRock TombRock TombRock Tomb Rock Tomb Rock Tomb
40Skull BashDefense CurlAerial AceAerial AceAerial Ace Aerial Ace Aerial Ace
41SoftboiledThunderPunchTormentTormentTorment Torment Torment
42Dream EaterDream EaterFacadeFacadeFacade Facade Facade
43Sky AttackDetectSecret PowerSecret PowerFlame Charge Flame Charge Flame Charge
44RestRestRestRestRest Rest Rest
45Thunder WaveAttractAttractAttractAttract Attract Attract
46PsywaveThiefThiefThiefThief Thief Thief
47ExplosionSteel WingSteel WingSteel WingLow Sweep Low Sweep Low Sweep
48Rock SlideFire PunchSkill SwapSkill SwapRound Round Round
49Tri AttackFury CutterSnatchSnatchEchoed Voice Echoed Voice Echoed Voice
50SubstituteNightmareOverheatOverheatOverheat Overheat Overheat
51RoostAlly Switch Steel Wing Steel Wing
52Focus BlastFocus Blast Focus Blast Focus Blast
53Energy BallEnergy Ball Energy Ball Energy Ball
54False SwipeFalse Swipe False Swipe False Swipe
55BrineScald Scald Scald
56FlingFling Fling Fling
57Charge BeamCharge Beam Charge Beam Charge Beam
58EndureSky Drop Sky Drop Sky Drop
59Dragon PulseIncinerate Incinerate Brutal Swing
60Drain PunchQuash Quash Quash
61Will-O-WispWill-O-Wisp Will-O-Wisp Will-O-Wisp
62Silver WindAcrobatics Acrobatics Acrobatics
63EmbargoEmbargo Embargo Embargo
64ExplosionExplosion Explosion Explosion
65Shadow ClawShadow Claw Shadow Claw Shadow Claw
66PaybackPayback Payback Payback
67RecycleRetaliate Retaliate Smart Strike
68Giga ImpactGiga Impact Giga Impact Giga Impact
69Rock PolishRock Polish Rock Polish Rock Polish
70FlashFlash Flash Aurora Veil
71Stone EdgeStone Edge Stone Edge Stone Edge
72AvalancheVolt Switch Volt Switch Volt Switch
73Thunder WaveThunder Wave Thunder Wave Thunder Wave
74Gyro BallGyro Ball Gyro Ball Gyro Ball
75Swords DanceSwords Dance Swords Dance Swords Dance
76Stealth RockStruggle Bug Struggle Bug Fly
77Psych UpPsych Up Psych Up Psych Up
78CaptivateBulldoze Bulldoze Bulldoze
79Dark PulseFrost Breath Frost Breath Frost Breath
80Rock SlideRock Slide Rock Slide Rock Slide
81X-ScissorX-Scissor X-Scissor X-Scissor
82Sleep TalkDragon Tail Dragon Tail Dragon Tail
83Natural GiftWork Up Infestation Infestation
84Poison JabPoison Jab Poison Jab Poison Jab
85Dream EaterDream Eater Dream Eater Dream Eater
86Grass KnotGrass Knot Grass Knot Grass Knot
87SwaggerSwagger Swagger Swagger
88PluckPluck Sleep Talk Sleep Talk
89U-turnU-turn U-turn U-turn
90SubstituteSubstitute Substitute Substitute
91Flash CannonFlash Cannon Flash Cannon Flash Cannon
92Trick RoomTrick Room Trick Room Trick Room
93Wild Charge Wild Charge Wild Charge
94Rock Smash Rock Smash

Secret Power

95Snarl Snarl Snarl
96 Nature Power Nature Power
97 Dark Pulse Dark Pulse
98 Power-Up Punch Waterfall
99 Dazzling Gleam Dazzling Gleam
100 Confide Confide

List of Hidden Machines by generation

The Seventh Pokémon generation does not have HMs but most are retained as TMs

01CutCutCutCutCut Cut
02FlyFlyFlyFlyFly Fly
03SurfSurfSurfSurfSurf Surf
04StrengthStrengthStrengthStrengthStrength Strength
05FlashFlashFlashDefog/WhirlpoolWaterfall Waterfall
06WhirlpoolRock SmashRock SmashDive Rock SmashORAS
08DiveRock Climb

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