This is a list of the flowers in Flower Town.

List of Flowers

Patterna Family (NA) / Clusteria Family (AUS)

Flower Name Description Colors Picture Seed Type Seed Quantity
Pixie's Chair (NA/AUS) A breed from cold regions that bears comforting flowers. Its petals feel like fine Japanese paper. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Light Blue, Pink
  • Pixie's Chair : Light Blue
  • PIxie's Chair: Light Blue
  • Pixie's Chair: Orange
  • Pixie's Chair: White
IMAG0196 10
Charming Suitor (NA/AUS) A beautiful, somber breed. In one sad tale, it's said to have grown where a brave young man fell. Red, White, Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Charming Suitor: Red
  • Charming Suitor: Pink
  • Charming Suitor: Blue
  • Charming Suitor: Purple
  • Charming Suitor: White
  • Charming Suitor: White
IMAG0199 10
Dollhouse Daisy (NA/AUS) These comforting flowers are known for cheering people up and are often associated with happy childhood memories. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Light Green, Brown, Pink
  • Dollhouse Daisy: Orange
  • Dollhouse Daisy: yellow
  • Dollhouse Daisy: White
  • Dollhouse Daisy: Light Green
  • Dollhouse Daisy: Brown
IMAG0208 10
Hogsmille (NA) / Naenira (AUS) This romantic breed will only bloom during cold weather. Its pointed petals are a very welcome sight after a frost. Red, White, Purple, Pink
  • Hogsmille: Red
  • Hogsmile : Pink
  • Hogsmille: White
  • Hogsmile : Pink
  • Hogsmille: Purple
IMAG0199 6
Fortuna (NA/AUS) This breed's blossoms are sometimes used in fortune-telling and are thought to be extremely lucky. Orange, Yellow, White, Pink
  • Fortuna: White
  • Fortuna: Pink
  • Fortuna: Orange
IMAG0199 10
Dixie Gold (NA) / Angel's Gold (AUS) This breed's round blossoms have medicinal properties and are considered quite lucky. It is said that this breed has ties to the spirit world. Orange, Yellow
  • Dixie Gold: Yellow
  • Dixie Gold: Orange
IMAG0208 10
Prima Donna (NA/AUS) Widely considered to be very romantic, this breed's ball-shaped blooms often appear in love stories White, Light Blue, Purple
  • Prima Donna: Purple
  • Prima Donna: Light Blue
  • Prima Donna: White
  • Prima Donna: Purple
IMAG0199 10
Prairie Shawl (NA) / Hillside Shawl (AUS) This plant's soft ball-shaped blooms are a very popular addition to decorations and floral arrangements. White, Light Green, Blue, Purple
  • Prairie Shawl : Single, Purple, Solid Leaves, Tall
  • Prairie Shawl: White
  • Prairie Shawl: Light Green
  • Prairie Shawl: Blue
  • Prairie Shawl: Light Green
IMAG0199 8
Proud Duchess (NA/AUS) Every bloom is actually a ball-shaped bundle of tiny flowers, each possessing powerful medicinal properties. Red, Yellow, White, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Brown, Pink
  • Proud Duchess : Blue
  • Proud Duchess: Blue
  • Proud Duchess: green
  • Proud Duchess: White
  • Proud Duchess: Red
IMAG0202 10
Field Grape (NA/AUS) This breed's delicate round blooms have a soothing scent and are often used in aromatherapy. They cluster around each stem, tapering to a point. White, Light Green, Light Blue
  • Field Grape: Light Blue
  • Fieldgrape: Light Green
  • Field Grape: White
  • Fieldgrape: Light Blue
IMAG0196 8

Gloria Family (NA/AUS)

Flower Name Description Colors Picture Seed Type Seed Quantity
Meadowlark (NA/AUS) Thought to bear a special connection to rainbows, this breed is considered romantic and is said to bridge gaps and help bring people together. Yellow, White, Blue
  • Meadowlark: Blue
  • Meadowlark: Yellow
  • Meadowlark : White
IMAG0196 10
Regal Sonnet (NA) / Regina Sanguin (AUS) This breed once produced tiny flowers, but gardeners have coaxed it into making larger blooms. Red, Orange, White, Green, Purple, Brown, Pink
  • Regal Sonnet: Red
  • Regal Sonnet: Purple
  • Regal Sonnet: Green
  • Regal Sonnet: Purple
  • Regal Sonnet: Pink
  • Regal Sonnet: Orange
IMAG0196 10
Squirrel's Ear (NA/AUS) This breed's pointy blossoms are very popular additions to elegant wedding bouquets. As a result, they're considered to be quite romantic. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Green, Purple, Black, Pink
  • Squirrel's Ear: Pink
  • Squirrel's Ear: Purple
  • Squirrel's Ear: Red
  • Squirrel's Ear: Orange
  • Squirrel's Ear: Yellow
  • Squirrel's Ear: White
  • Squirrel's Ear: Green
  • Squirrel's Ear : Black
  • Squirrel's Ear: Black
IMAG0202 10
Morning Echo (NA/AUS) This breed is named after a mountain spirit who fell into a tragic, unrequited love. It's pointed petals look like tears. Yellow, White, Light Green
  • Morning Echo: Light Green
IMAG0196 10
Holland Breeze (NA) / Ottoman's Hat (AUS) This popular breed has round blooms with slightly pointed edges. It has been cultivated for decades, and its plants can be quite expensive. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Light Green, Purple, Black, Brown, Pink
  • Holland Breeze: Orange
  • Holland Breeze: Green (Prickly Plum Cross)
  • Holland Breeze: Black
  • Holland Breeze: Red
  • Holland Breeze: Purple
  • Holland Breeze: Pink
  • Holland Breeze: Brown
IMAG0202 4
Sedalia (NA) / Sedalius (AUS) This pointy-petaled breed can't stand cold weather and only blooms when it's warm out. The scent of its flowers is often used in perfumes. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Purple, Pink
  • Sedalia: Pink
  • Sedalia: Yellow
IMAG0199 10
Shepherd's Rest (NA) / Shephard's Star (AUS) This romantic breed produces, round clusters of star-shaped blooms. The white variety is a bouquet favorite. Orange, Yellow, White
  • Shepherd's Rest : Yellow
IMAG0202 9
Arching Crane (NA/AUS) This breed is named for its long stems, which resemble the graceful neck of a crane and are crested with ball-shaped clusters of blooms. White, Purple, Pink
  • Arching Crane: Purple
  • Arching Crane: White
  • Arching Crane: White
IMAG0199 8
Moorscape (NA/AUS) This breed's round clusters of pointy-petaled flowers shine and sparkle. A field of them is a very striking sight. Red, White, Pink
  • Moorscape: Pink
  • Moorscape: Red
IMAG0196 9

Prospera Family (NA/AUS)

Flower Name Description Colors Picture Seed Type Seed Quantity
Ondinetta (NA) / Pattersplash (AUS) A summer bloomer, this breed is often said to be a bit fickle because its coloring is easily affected by soil quality. White, Light Green, Light Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Ondinetta: Light Blue
  • Ondinetta: Purple
  • Ondinetta: Pink
  • Ondinetta: Light Green
  • Ondinetta: White
IMAG0199 7
Velvet Lady (NA) / Velvet Kiss (AUS) This breed's round blossoms produce a strong comforting scent and possess medicinal properties. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Brown, Pink,
  • Velvet Lady: White
  • Velvet Lady: Yellow
  • Velvet Lady: Purple
  • Velvet Lady: Orange
  • Velvet Lady: Green
IMAG0199 10
Nirvanallia (NA) / Sotyria (AUS) These round flowers feature layers upon layers of petals. It's said that all are lucky, but the ones with the most petals are the luckiest. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Green, Purple, Brown, Pink
  • Nirvanallia: Pink
  • Nirvanallia: Orange
  • Nirvanallia: Purple
  • Nirvanallia: Green
  • Nirvanallia: Green
IMAG0208 10
Sleeping Star (NA) / Maiden of the Wilds (AUS) This romantic breed's elegant blossoms are often featured in wedding decorations. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Pink
  • Sleeping Star: Red
  • Sleeping Star: Pink
  • Sleeping Star: White
  • Sleeping Star: Blue
  • Sleeping Star: Purple
  • Sleeping Star (blue)
IMAG0202 10
Merry Moppet (NA/AUS) These playful flowers come in a wide range of colors and are especially attractive when planted in groups. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Purple, Black, Brown, Pink
  • Merry Moppet: Purple
  • Merry Moppet: Black
  • Merry Moppet: Brown
IMAG0202 10
León del Sol (NA/AUS) This pointy-petaled summer bloomer's magnificent flowers are edible and are often used to make tasty cooking oil. Orange, Yellow, Black, Brown
  • León del Sol: Yellow
  • Leon del Sol: Orange
  • Leon del Sol: Brown
  • Leon del Sol: Black
IMAG0196 4
Shy Maiden (NA) / Shy Lady (AUS) The pointy blossoms of this edible breed possess a very elegant, feminine beauty. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Green, Black, Brown, Pink
  • Shy Maiden: Red
  • Shy Maiden: Black
  • Shy Maiden: Pink
IMAG0196 10
Wild Lanai (NA/AUS) This cheerful breed's round, pointy-edged blossoms have strong medicinal properties. Orange, Yellow
  • Wild Lanai: Orange
  • Wild Lanai: Yellow
IMAG0208 9
Crema Belle (NA/AUS) While its pointed petals are quite delicate, this breed's stems are so tough that they can be used to make rope. Red, Yellow, White, Light Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Crema Belle: Pink
  • Crema Belle: Purple
  • Crema Bella: Light Blue
  • Crema Bella: White
  • Crema Belle: Red
IMAG0208 7

Paradisa Family (NA/AUS)

Flower Name Description Colors Picture Seed Type Seed Quantity
Tropical Basho (NA) / Flamenco Tail (AUS) Because of their shape, this popular houseplant's pointy flowers are often used as fans on hot days. Red, Yellow, White, Green, Purple, Brown, Pink
  • Tropical Basho: Red
  • Tropical Basho: White
  • Tropical Basho: Purple
  • Tropical Basho: Green
  • Tropical Basho: White
  • Tropical Basho: All 7 Colors
IMAG0208 9
Lucky Arrowhead (NA) / Tropical Arrowhead (AUS) This breed's blossoms have long been appreciated as a good-luck charm. Yellow, White, Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Lucky Arrowhead: Pink
  • Lucky Arrowhead: Blue
  • Lucky Arrowhead: All 5 Colors
IMAG0199 10
Sunspur (NA/AUS) This thorny breed's blossoms are the source of both a spicy seasoning and a medicine. Light Green, Blue, Purple
  • Sunspur : Purple
  • Sunspur: Purple
  • Sunspur: light green
  • Sunspur: All 3 Colors
IMAG0208 10
Combriana (NA/AUS) This energetic tropical breed is edible. Its bright, pointy blooms also have powerful medicinal properties. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Pink
  • Combriana: Orange
  • Combriana: red
  • Combriana: All 5 Colors
  • Combriana: Pink and Tall
IMAG0196 6
Nymphicus (NA) / Cockatiel Plume (AUS) This lucky breed is named for its pointy blooms, which look a lot like the crests of brightly colored cockatiels. Orange, Yellow
  • Nymphicus : Orange
  • Nymphicus: Orange
  • Nymphicus : Yellow
  • Nymphicus: Orange and Yellow
IMAG0196 4
Alabaster Morris (NA/AUS) Because of the unusual shape of its pointy blooms, this breed is rumored to be native to the spirit world. White
  • Alabaster Morris: White
  • Alabaster Morris: White - default flower shape
  • Alabaster Morris: White
  • Alabaster Morris: White, Short
IMAG0208 5
Magnum Oculus (NA/AUS) This breed's round, pointed blossoms, sometimes called "demons' eyes," appear in many stories and are thought to wield magical energies. Red, Yellow, White, Pink
  • Magnum Oculus: Pink
  • Magnum Oculus: Red
  • Magnum Oculus: All 4 Colors
  • Magnum Oculus: Multiple
IMAG0199 4
Dragonail (NA) / Forked Flame (AUS) This breed's pointy blossoms look like claws. A native of hot, tropical regions, it fares quite well as a houseplant. Red, Orange, Yellow
  • Dragonail: Orange
  • Dragonail: Orange
  • Dragonail: Yellow
  • Dragonail: Red
  • Dragonail: All 3 Colors
  • Dragonail: Red
IMAG0199 7
Trailing Pinwheel (NA/AUS) With colorful, round clusters of cheerful blooms, this breed is a very popular addition to resort-style gardens. Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink
  • Trailing Pinwheel: Red
  • Trailing Pinwheel: All 5 Colors
IMAG0202 10

Mysteria Family (NA/AUS)

Flower Name Description Colors Picture Seed Type Seed Quantity
Fairy's Breath (NA) / Fairy Dust (AUS) Some say that these tiny, ball-shaped clusters of blossoms look like groups of tiny fairies playing together. White, Pink
  • Fairy's Breath : Pink
IMAG0202 10
Autumn Guest (NA/AUS) Its comforting blooms stand for order and harmony. While this breed can look very frail, it's actually quite hardy and adaptive. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Black, Pink
  • Autumn Guest: Black
IMAG0208 10
Cherrybell (NA/AUS) This breed's very short-lived spring blossoms are a poetic reminder of the transience of life. White, Green, Pink
  • Cherrybell: Pink
  • Cherrybell: All
IMAG0199 8
Credentes (NA/AUS) This breed's pointy, brightly colored flowers remind people of a peacock's tail feathers. Red, Yellow, White, Light Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Credentes: Red
  • Credentes: Yellow
  • Credentes: White
  • Credentes: Light Blue
  • Credentes: Purple
  • Credentes: Red
IMAG0202 10
Thaumantias (NA/AUS) This breed's brilliant bloom colors give it a truly magical appearance. Yellow, White, Light Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Thaumantias: Light Blue
  • Thaumantias: Purple
  • Thaumantias: Pink
  • Thaumantias: Yellow
  • Thaumantias: White
  • Thaumantias: White
IMAG0202 10
Oillios (NA/AUS) This springtime breed's round clusters of blooms are prized both as a source of oil and as a tasty delicacy. Yellow
  • Oillios (full)
  • Oillios (close-up)
  • Oillios
IMAG0202 10
Hydrasta (NA) / Honeydrop (AUS) This pointy-petaled breed is highly valued because of its medicinal properties. White, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Hydrasta: Green (tall, single stalk & blossom)
  • Hydrasta: Green
  • Hydrasta: Light Blue
  • Hydrasta: Pink
IMAG0199 7
Sweet Confetti (NA/AUS) Despite their small size, this plant's shiny flowers produce a very powerful, pleasingly sweet fragrance. Red, Yellow, White, Purple, Pink
  • Sweet Confetti: Purple
  • Sweet Confetti: Pink
  • Sweet Confetti: Red
IMAG0202 10

Innocentia Family (NA/AUS)

Flower Name Description Colors Picture Seed Type Seed Quantity
Cardinalious (NA) / Phalaena's Flight (AUS) This breed's blooms look a lot like moths. It's said that one day these lucky flowers will flap their pointy petals and fly off into the sky. Yellow, White, Light Green, Purple, Pink
  • Cardinalious: Purple
  • Cardinalious: Pink
  • Cardinalious: Light Green
  • Cardinalious: Yellow
  • Cardinalious: White
  • Cardinalious: Pink
IMAG0199 4
Spring Peplum (NA/AUS) A delicate springtime bloomer, this plant is popular with both gardeners and flower lovers all over the world. Red, Yellow, White, Purple, Pink
  • Spring Peplum: Purple
  • Spring Peplum: Pink
  • Spring Peplum: Red
IMAG0202 10
Dainty Morgana (NA/AUS) This breed's pointy blossoms have medicinal properties and produce a comforting scent. They're also edible and quite delicious. Orange, White, Light Green, Light Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Dainty Morgana: Orange
  • Dainty Morgana: Blue
  • Dainty Morgana : Pink
  • Dainty Morgana (light green)
  • Dainty Morgana: Purple
IMAG0196 10
Mermaid's Comb (NA/AUS) It's lovely when a big group of these fragrant, pointy-petaled flowers bloom together in the spring. Orange, Yellow, White, Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Mermaid's Comb:Yellow
  • Mermaid's Comb: Yellow
  • Mermaid's Comb: White
  • Mermaid's Comb: Blue
  • Mermaid's Comb: Purple
  • Mermaid's Comb: Pink
  • Mermaid's Comb: Pink
  • Mermaid's Comb (blue)
IMAG0196 10
Bella Cantata (NA/AUS) This elegant breed's round, bell-shaped blossoms are considered a symbol or gratitude and honor. White, Light Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Bella Cantata: Purple (Close Up)
  • Bella Cantata: Purple
  • Bella Cantata: Pink
  • Bella Cantata: Light Blue
  • Bella Cantata: White
  • Bella Cantata : Purple
IMAG0196 4
Lookout's Lantern (NA/AUS) This breed's lucky, lantern-shaped blooms are used to spread joy and celebrate longevity. Orange, Yellow
  • Lookout's Lantern: Orange
  • Lookout's Lantern: Yellow
  • Lookout Lantern: Orange
  • Lookout Lantern: Yellow
IMAG0199 4
Woodhorn (NA) / Veronica's Slipper (AUS) There's nothing like seeing a field of these slender, pointed flowers swaying in the wind on a summer morning. White, Blue, Pink
  • Woodhorn: Blue
  • Woodhorn: Pink
IMAG0196 10
Rivergrace (NA/AUS) This breed grows best in sun-drenched riverbeds and can bloom in a wide range of vivid colors. The pink variety is especially popular. Red, Yellow, White, Light Green, Purple, Pink
  • Rivergrace: Purple
  • Rivergrace: White
  • Rivergrace: Pink
  • Rivergrace: Red
  • Rivergrace: Light Green
  • Rivergrace: Red
IMAG0199 10
Evening Puff (NA) / Evening Tuft (AUS) This breed's leaves and stems are as sharp and prickly as a hedgehog, but the ball-shaped blooms themselves are soft. Blue
  • Evening Puff: Blue
IMAG0196 6

Destina Family (NA/AUS)

Flower Name Description Colors Picture Seed Type Seed Quantity
Vibrant Coronet (NA/AUS) This breed's pointy blossoms look like crowns and are often used as a symbol of victory. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Black, Brown, Pink
  • Vibrant Coronet: Black
  • Vibrant Coronet: White
  • Vibrant Coronet: Orange
IMAG0208 4
Rosa Regalis (NA/AUS) This breed's round, sweetly scented blooms represent grace and regal beauty. Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Light Green, Purple, Black, Brown, Pink
  • Rosa Regalis: Red (Close-Up)
  • Rosa Regalis: Red
  • Rosa Regalis: orange
  • Rosa Regalis (yellow)
  • Rosa Regalis: White
  • Rosa Regalis: Light Green
  • Rosa Regalis: Purple
  • Rosa Regalis: Black
  • Rosa Regalis: Brown
  • Rosa Regalis: Pink
IMAG0199 4
Japanese Camellia (NA) / Bold Sunrise (AUS) This flowering breed from the Far East embodies a serene harmony between beauty and strength. Red, Yellow, White, Pink
  • Japanese Camellia : Yellow
  • Japanese Camellia : Red
  • Japanese Camellia: Yellow
  • Japanese Camellia: Pink
  • Japanese Camellia: Pink
  • Japanese Camellia: Red
  • Japanese Camellia: White
IMAG0196 10
Surf Lilac (NA) / Surf Nila (AUS) This breed's round clusters of heavily scented flowers are used to make fine perfumes. Its stems can be hollowed out to make flutes. White, Light Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Surf Lilac: Light Blue
  • Surf Lilac: Pink
  • Surf Lilac: White (Neonara cross)
  • Surf Lilac: Purple
IMAG0202 10
Filosus (NA) / Helicus (AUS) With pointy flowers that look like they're frosted, this breed is a very popular eye-catcher. Red, White, Pink
  • Filosus: Pink
  • Filosus: white
IMAG0202 10

Fruitia Family (Phantom) (NA/AUS)

Flower Name Description Colors Picture Seed Type Seed Quantity
Merryberry (NA/AUS) This breed's delicious round fruits are often called "edible jewels" because of their rarity and rich, complex flavor. Red
  • Merryberry: Red
  • Merryberry : Red
IMAG0196 2
Eldercurrant (NA/AUS) Since this breed is thought to be very lucky, it's tasty, round berries have been used as a protective talisman in the past. Pink
  • Eldercurrant: Pink
  • Eldercurrant: Pink
IMAG0196 6
Fox Fruit (NA/AUS) Legend has it that, centuries ago, a mischievous fox king created this tasty, round fruit in his image to trick people. Yellow
  • Fox Fruit (Yellow)
  • Foxfruit: Yellow
IMAG0208 6
Cheery Cherry (NA) / Twincherra (AUS) A very romantic breed. It is said that if two people take bites from the same fruit, they will fall in love. Red
  • Cheery Cherry: Red
IMAG0199 6
Mega Mushroom (NA) / King's Cap (AUS) Widely considered one of the three wonders of the culinary world, this round, flavorful produce is a taste sensation. Red
  • Mega Mushroom (in polka-dot cup)
  • Mega Mushroom: Red
  • Mega Mushroom: Red
  • Mega Mushroom: Tall
IMAG0196 5

Festiva Family (Phantom) (NA/AUS)

Flower Name Description Colors Picture Seed Type Seed Quantity
Festiflower (NA) / Jingle Bell (AUS) A traditional decoration for winter festivals, these rare, bell-shaped blossoms make a bright, cheerful sound that is considered very lucky. Yellow
  • Festiflower : Yellow
  • Festiflower: Yellow
IMAG0202 3
Jack-o'-Luna (NA) / Jack-o'-Luma (AUS) Named for their resemblance to jack-o'-lanterns and for the soft glow they produce, this lucky breed's blooms are the ultimate fall decoration. Orange
  • Jack-o'-Luna: Orange
  • Jack-o'-Luna
  • Jack-o-Luna (orange)
IMAG0196 3
Birthday Blossom (NA/AUS) It's said that if you eat your age's worth of this breed's lucky fruits on your birthday, your next year will be filled with health and happiness. White
  • Birthday Blossom
  • Birthday Blossom
  • Birthday Blossom: variations
IMAG0208 3
Feisty Firework (NA) / Skyburst (AUS) This breed's round blossoms sparkle like real fireworks and change color depending on the temperature. Brown
  • Feisty Firework: Brown
IMAG0202 2
Eleggantia (NA/AUS) Image of these round, lucky blooms feature prominently in a spring festival celebrating the end of winter and hope for a plentiful harvest. Green
  • Eleggantia : Green
  • Eleggantia : Green
IMAG0196 2

Glitteria Family (Phantom) (NA/AUS)

Flower Name Description Colors Picture Seed Type Seed Quantity
Cupid's Care (NA/AUS) In a famous scene from a romantic legend, the brave hero scales a cliff to pick a bloom from this pointy breed. Pink
  • Cupid's Care: Pink
  • Cupid's Care: Pink
  • Cupid's Care: Pink (cluster variant)
IMAG0208 2
Winterkin (NA/AUS) Legend has it that this breed's comforting, snowflake-shaped blobs are actually sleeping snow fairies. Light Blue
  • Winterkin
  • Winterkin: Variant Leaves
IMAG0199 2
Sparklestar (NA/AUS) Wandering through a field of these comforting, pointy blooms is rather like taking a stroll through the Milky Way. Orange
  • Sparklestar (in yellow bowl)
  • Sparklestar
  • Sparklestar (orange)
IMAG0199 3
Goldenglow (NA/AUS) The warm glow that shines from this breed's round, lamp-like blooms has a soothing effect on the soul. Orange
  • Goldenglow: Orange (Multi-Stem)
  • Goldenglow: Brown
  • Goldenglow
IMAG0208 3
Neonara (NA/AUS) Before electricity was widely available, people used this breed's bright flowers to light their homes. White
  • Neonara: White
IMAG0199 4

Mischieva Family (Phantom) (NA/AUS)

Flower Name Description Colors Picture Seed Type Seed Quantity
Bite Weed (NA) / Sunset Snapper (AUS) This breed's round blooms look like they're ready to bite your fingers with their pointy teeth, but they're actually harmless and quite fragrant. Purple
  • Bite Weed (in Green Pipe)
IMAG0199 5
Prickly Plum (NA/AUS) This breed's round fruits are very prickly, but the effort is worth it. They're nutritious, and their juice has medicinal properties. Light Green
  • Prickly Plum: Light Green
  • Prickly Plum (Multi-Flower, Rose Hybrid)
IMAG0196 5

Magica Family (Phantom) (NA/AUS)

Flower Name Description Colors Picture Seed Type Seed Quantity
Crystal Lily (NA) / Crystal Wish (AUS) This breed's pointy blossoms are known to bring happiness and luck. if you want a gift for someone very special, this would be an excellent choice. Light Blue
  • Crystal Lily: Light Blue
  • Crystal Lily: Light Blue
IMAG0202 3
Armored Azalea (NA) / Thorn-de-Lis (AUS) Legend has it that ninja once used this peculiar breed's pointy blooms for shuriken training. Black
  • Armored Azalea: Black
  • Armored Azalea: Black
IMAG0202 4
Butterflora (NA) / Flutterwing (AUS) This breed earned its name because its lucky blossoms bring to mind the fabled blue butterfly of happiness Blue
  • Butterflora: Blue
  • Butterflora (Orchid Form)
IMAG0208 4
Herald of Dawn (NA/AUS) Named after the morning sun, this breed represents purity of heart. It's lucky, pointy blooms have appeared in many works of art. Brown
  • Herald of Dawn (Elegant Pot)
  • Herald of Dawn: short
IMAG0199 2

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