Potion Sprite Potion

Super Potion Sprite Super Potion

Hyper Potion Sprite Hyper Potion

Max Potion Sprite Max Potion

Full Restore Sprite Full Restore

SecretPotion Sprite SecretPotion

Status ailment

Antidote Sprite Antidote

Awakening Sprite Awakening

Burn Heal Sprite Burn Heal

Ice Heal Sprite Ice Heal

Full Heal Sprite Full Heal

Parlyz Heal Sprite Parlyz Heal

Full Restore Sprite Full Restore

Lava Cookie Sprite Lava Cookie

Old Gateau Sprite Old Gateau

Casteliacone Sprite Casteliacone


Revive Sprite Revive

Max Revive Sprite Max Revive


Ether Sprite Ether

Max Ether Sprite Max Ether

Elixir Sprite Elixir

Max Elixir Sprite Max Elixir


Calcium Sprite Calcium

Carbos Sprite Carbos

Iron Sprite Iron

Protein Sprite Protein

Zinc Sprite Zinc

HP Up Sprite HP Up

PP Up Sprite PP Up

PP Max Sprite PP Max

Rare Candy Sprite Rare Candy


Clever Wing Sprite Clever Wing

Genius Wing Sprite Genius Wing

Health Wing Sprite Health Wing

Muscle Wing Sprite Muscle Wing

Pretty Wing Sprite Pretty Wing

Resist Wing Sprite Resist Wing

Swift Wing Sprite Swift Wing


Fresh Water Sprite Fresh Water

Soda Pop Sprite Soda Pop

Lemonade Sprite Lemonade

Moomoo Milk Sprite Moomoo Milk

Berry Juice Sprite Berry Juice

Tea Sprite Tea

Herbal medicines

Energy Root Sprite Energy Root

EnergyPowder Sprite EnergyPowder

Heal Powder Sprite Heal Powder

Revival Herb Sprite Revival Herb

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