List of rock-type Pokémon

Pokémon Type Information
PKMN074 Geodude RockRockGroundGround
PKMN075 Graveler RockRockGroundGround
PKMN076 Golem RockRockGroundGround
PKMN095 Onix RockRockGroundGround
PKMN111 Rhyhorn GroundGroundRockRock
PKMN112 Rhydon GroundGroundRockRock
PKMN138 Omanyte RockRockWaterWater
PKMN139 Omastar RockRockWaterWater
PKMN140 Kabuto RockRockWaterWater
PKMN141 Kabutops RockRockWaterWater
PKMN142 Aerodactyl RockRockFlyingFlying
PKMN185 Sudowoodo RockRock
PKMN213 Shuckle BugBugRockRock
PKMN219 Magcargo FireFireRockRock
PKMN222 Corsola WaterWaterRockRock
PKMN246 Larvitar RockRockGroundGround
PKMN247 Pupitar RockRockGroundGround
PKMN248 Tyranitar RockRockDarkDark
PKMN299 Nosepass RockRock
PKMN304 Aron SteelSteelRockRock
PKMN305 Lairon SteelSteelRockRock
PKMN306 Aggron SteelSteelRockRock
PKMN337 Lunatone RockRockPsychicPsychic
PKMN338 Solrock RockRockPsychicPsychic
PKMN345 Lileep RockRockGrassGrass
PKMN346 Cradily RockRockGrassGrass
PKMN347 Anorith RockRockBugBug
PKMN348 Armaldo RockRockBugBug
PKMN369 Relicanth WaterWaterRockRock
PKMN377 Regirock RockRock
PKMN408 Cranidos RockRock
PKMN409 Rampardos RockRock
PKMN410 Shieldon RockRockSteelSteel
PKMN411 Bastiodon RockRockSteelSteel
PKMN438 Bonsly RockRock
PKMN464 Rhyperior GroundGroundRockRock
PKMN476 Probopass RockRockSteelSteel
PKMN524 Roggenrola RockRock
PKMN525 Boldore RockRock
PKMN526 Gigalith RockRock
PKMN557 Dwebble BugBugRockRock
PKMN558 Crustle BugBugRockRock
PKMN564 Tirtouga WaterWaterRockRock
PKMN565 Carracosta WaterWaterRockRock
PKMN566 Archen RockRockFlyingFlying
PKMN567 Archeops RockRockFlyingFlying
PKMN639 Terrakion RockRockFightingFighting
PKMNXY688 Binacle RockRockWaterWater
PKMNXY689 Barbaracle RockRockWaterWater
PKMNXY696 Tyrunt RockRockDragonDragon
PKMNXY697 Tyrantrum RockRockDragonDragon
PKMNXY698 Amaura RockRockIceIce
PKMNXY699 Aurorus RockRockIceIce
PKMNXY703 Carbink RockRockFairyFairy
PKMNXY719 Diancie RockRockFairyFairy
PKMNSM744 Rockruff RockRock
PKMNSM745 Lycanroc RockRock
PKMNSM774 Minior RockRockFlyingFlying
PKMNSM793 Nihilego RockRockPoisonPoison
UB Assembly RockRockSteelSteel

Alternate Forms

Pokémon Type Information
PKMNSM074-A Geodude
Alola form
PKMNSM075-A Graveler
Alola form
PKMNSM076-A Golem
Alola form
File:PKMNXY142-M.png Mega Aerodactyl RockRockFlyingFlying
File:PKMNXY248-M.png Mega Tyranitar RockRockDarkDark
File:PKMN493-Rock.png Arceus
Stone Plate
File:PKMNXY719-M.png Mega Diancie RockRockFairyFairy
PKMNSM745M Lycanroc
Midnight form
File:PKMNSM745-Dusk.png Lycanroc
Dusk form
PKMNSM773-Rock Silvally
Rock Memory

List of rock-type moves

Name Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Rock ThrowPhysicalPhysicalTough155090%First
Rock SlidePhysicalPhysicalTough107590%First
Ancient PowerSpecialSpecialTough560100%Second
Rock TombPhysicalPhysicalClever105080%Third
Rock BlastPhysicalPhysicalTough102590%Third
Rock PolishStatusStatusTough20Fourth
Power GemSpecialSpecialBeautiful2070100%Fourth
Rock WreckerPhysicalPhysicalTough515090%Fourth
Stone EdgePhysicalPhysicalTough510080%Fourth
Stealth RockStatusStatusCool20Fourth
Head SmashPhysicalPhysicalTough515080%Fourth
Wide GuardStatusStatusTough10Fifth
Smack DownPhysicalPhysicalTough1550100%Fifth
Diamond Storm PhysicalPhysical Beautiful 20 100 95% Sixth
Accelercok PhysicalPhysical ??? 5 40 100% Seventh


  • Continental Crush (Rockium Z)
  • Splintered Stormshards - Stone Edge

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