This is a list of the rods and their skills in Ultimate Angler. You can carry at most 100 rods at a time. For each of the stats (Gauge Span, Pulling Power, Durability, and Resilience), the numbers indicate the base stat followed by the maximum.

List of Rods Edit

Rod Name Stars Gauge Span Pulling Power Durability Resilience Total Stats
Basic Rod 1 2/3 1/3 1/3 1/2 5/11
Toy Rod 1 1/3 1/1 1/3 2/4 5/11
Rustic Rod 1 1/2 1/2 1/4 1/4 4/10
Crystal Rod 1 1/1 2/4 1/3 1/3 5/11
Skeleton Rod 1 2/5 1/2 1/3 1/1 5/11
Floral Rod 1 1/3 1/2 1/3 2/3 5/11
Helmsman's Rod 1 1/3 1/3 2/4 1/1 5/11
Seashell Rod 1 1/4 2/3 1/1 1/3 5/11
Lifeboat Rod 1 2/4 1/1 1/2 1/4 5/11
Pro Rod 2 3/5 2/5 3/4 2/4 10/18
Comet Rod 2 4/6 2/4 2/2 2/6 10/18
Palm-Tree Rod 2 2/3 3/5 2/5 3/5 10/18
Treasure Rod 2 3/6 4/6 3/3 1/2 11/17
Sword Rod 2 1/4 3/6 3/5 3/3 10/18
Sweet Rod 2 3/3 2/5 2/4 3/6 10/18
Compass Rod 2 4/6 1/4 1/4 3/5 9/19
Castaway Rod 2 2/5 2/4 3/6 2/4 9/19
Anchor Rod 2 2/3 4/7 4/6 1/1 11/17
Robo Rod 3 3/5 5/7 3/5 4/6 15/23
Angel Rod 3 4/6 4/6 4/5 4/5 16/22
Demon Rod 3 3/6 3/7 3/3 5/8 14/24
Shachihoko Rod 3 5/7 3/4 3/5 4/7 15/23
Pirate Rod 3 3/5 4/5 5/8 4/4 16/22
Cat Rod 3 3/7 3/4 3/5 5/8 14/24
Dragon Rod 3 5/8 4/6 2/4 4/5 15/23
Poseidon's Rod 3 3/5 5/8 4/6 3/4 15/23
UFO Rod 3 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8 4/32

List of Skills Edit

Rods that you get may have a random skill that will aid in fishing when used in the right condition. The skill has 3 variables: condition, effect, and level.

There are 5 conditions placed on the skill:

Condition Name Description
X Anglers The skill activates when you're fishing with the right number of anglers, including yourself.

X varies from 2 to 10, and may require an exact number instead of a minimum number.

Coastal The skill activates when you're fishing on coasts.
Riverside The skill activates when you're fishing in rivers.
Lake/Pond The skill activates when you're fishing in lakes or ponds.
Deep-Sea The skill activates when you're deep-sea fishing.

Meanwhile, there are 5 effects available:

Effect Name Description
Time Boost You'll have more time to battle a catch before it escapes.
Strike Boost You'll have a bit more time to react when something bites your bait.
Gauge Boost The rod's Gauge Span increases.
Power Boost The rod's Pulling Power increases if the catch is about to escape.
Big-Catch Boost Big catches are more likely to bite.

As for the level, the lowest is 1 and the highest is 3.

When combining rods with skills, these rules are followed:

  • When combining 2 rods with the same skill, the new rod will have the same skill. The skill level of the new rod is the sum of the skill levels of the 2 rods used, capping at Lv3.
  • When combining 2 rods with different skills, the new rod will have the skill with the higher priority. Priority is determined by skill level, then by skill condition, then by skill priority (may need further testing).

List of Rod CombinationsEdit

When combining rods, these rules will be applied to the resulting rod.

  • When combining 2 different rods, the new rod will be different and have its stats reset.  
  • When combining 2 of the same rods, the new rod's upgrade limit will increase by 1, but not all of the upgrades you have done will transfer to the new rod (it will keep at least one of each stat, but multiple upgrades of a stat might not transfer).
  • When combining 2 rods with bigger upgrade limits, the new rod will have the sum of both rods' upgrade limits, capping at the new rod's full upgrade limit.  This applies on top of the bonus you get from combining 2 of the same rods.
  • Thus, the most gold efficient way to make the fully upgraded UFO rod is to:
    1. Combine rods to get the 3rd level skill you want (preferably without lowering the resulting rod's star rating).
    2. If the resulting rod is 1 star, combine it with a 2 star rod (such that it doesn't change the skill) and be prepared to use a 3 star rod to get it to become a UFO rod (or just convert it and wait).
    3. Combine 1 star rods with themselves to raise the upgrade limit to 2 or 3 (such that when you combine those rods, you don't go over the 2 star upgrade limit).
    4. Combine the 1 star rods with 2 star rods to form 2 star rods with the highest stats you can (the upgrade limit for 2 star rods is +3 to +7).
    5. If you're feeling confident in your ability to not hit max upgrade limits (at both 2 and 3 star), combine the 2 stars together to get to the +7 rod. Only do this once per pair of 2 star rods (I at least assume it's not as efficient to combine 2 star rods multiple times).
    6. Combine a 3 star rod with the 2 star rod to form the highest upgrade limit UFO rods (such that the total upgrade limits combined is 26 - # of UFO rods) you can. If required, change the 2 star rod's type by combining it with a 1 star rod.
    7. Combine the 3 star UFO rod with the 3rd level skill UFO rod.
    8. Finally do all the upgrades you want in whichever order you want (I plan to post an update when I do this step to see if it can be done sooner, but so far I assume it can't).
  • Congratulations, you now have the best rod. Notes:
    • If you want a particularly hard skill, you can do steps 1 & 2 as you do steps 3+.
    • You don't need to defeat the 9th island (which unlocks the UFO rod) before you create a 2 star rod or a 3rd level skill rod. If you want, you can create a good 3 star rod, but realize that any upgrade money you put into it might be lost when you create the UFO rod.
    • For steps 3+, you need to ensure the resulting rod either a) has the skill you want; b) the resulting skill is not going to be level 3; or c) the skill you want has priority over the skill of the rod you're making. This also assumes you're going to get the steps 1 & 2 rod to the 3rd level skill before you do step 7. If that's not possible, then try to get it to level 2 and just be careful to not create a level 2 skill rod.
Ultimate Angler Rod Combination Table

Note: the above table is not accurate if you don't have the UFO rod yet (you can't combine rods to make the UFO rod as far as I could tell). It is also not accurate in that:

  • Lifeboat + Comet = Palm-Tree, not Comet Rod.
  • Lifeboat + Palm-Tree = Treasure, not Palm-Tree Rod.
  • Lifeboat + Treasure = Sword, not Treasure Rod.
  • Lifeboat + Sword = Sweet, not Sword Rod.
  • Lifeboat + Sweet = Compass, not Sweet Rod.
  • Lifeboat + Compass = Castaway, not Compass Rod.
  • Lifeboat + Castaway = Anchor, not Castaway Rod.
  • Lifeboat + Anchor = Pro, not Anchor Rod.
  • Lifeboat + Pro = Comet (I didn't have the Pro rod to verify), not Pro Rod.

... but the below table is accurate for the above corrections.

Results that are struck through have not yet been confirmed

Rod Name Rod Name


Basic Rod Basic Rod Basic Rod +1
Basic Rod Toy Rod Rustic Rod
Basic Rod Rustic Rod Crystal Rod
Basic Rod Crystal Rod Skeleton Rod
Basic Rod Skeleton Rod Floral Rod
Basic Rod Floral Rod Helmsman's Rod
Basic Rod Helmsman's Rod Seashell Rod
Basic Rod Seashell Rod Lifeboat Rod
Basic Rod Lifeboat Rod Toy Rod
Basic Rod Pro Rod Comet Rod
Basic Rod Comet Rod Palm-Tree Rod
Basic Rod Palm-Tree Rod Treasure Rod
Basic Rod Treasure Rod Sword Rod
Basic Rod Sword Rod Sweet Rod
Basic Rod Sweet Rod Compass Rod
Basic Rod Compass Rod Castaway Rod
Basic Rod Castaway Rod Anchor Rod
Basic Rod Anchor Rod Pro Rod
Basic Rod Robo Rod Pro Rod
Basic Rod Angel Rod Comet Rod
Basic Rod Demon Rod Palm-Tree Rod
Basic Rod Shachihoko Rod Treasure Rod
Basic Rod Pirate Rod Sword Rod
Basic Rod Cat Rod Sweet Rod
Basic Rod Dragon Rod Compass Rod
Basic Rod Poseidon's Rod Castaway Rod
Basic Rod UFO Rod Anchor Rod
Toy Rod Toy Rod Toy Rod +1
Toy Rod Rustic Rod Skeleton Rod
Toy Rod Crystal Rod Floral Rod
Toy Rod Skeleton Rod Helmsman's Rod
Toy Rod Floral Rod Seashell Rod
Toy Rod Helmsman's Rod Lifeboat Rod
Toy Rod Seashell Rod Basic Rod
Toy Rod Lifeboat Rod Crystal Rod
Toy Rod Pro Rod Palm-Tree Rod
Toy Rod Comet Rod Treasure Rod
Toy Rod Palm-Tree Rod Sword Rod
Toy Rod Treasure Rod Sweet Rod
Toy Rod Sword Rod Compas Rod
Toy Rod Sweet Rod Castaway Rod
Toy Rod Compass Rod Anchor Rod
Toy Rod Castaway Rod Pro Rod
Toy Rod Anchor Rod Comet Rod
Toy Rod Robo Rod Comet Rod
Toy Rod Angel Rod Palm-Tree Rod
Toy Rod Demon Rod Treasure Rod
Toy Rod Shachihoko Rod  Sword Rod
Toy Rod Pirate Rod  Sweet Rod
Toy Rod Cat Rod Compass Rod
Toy Rod Dragon Rod Castaway Rod
Toy Rod Poseidon's Rod Anchor Rod
Toy Rod UFO Rod Pro Rod
Rustic Rod Rustic Rod Rustic Rod +1
Rustic Rod Crystal Rod Helmsman's Rod
Rustic Rod Skeleton Rod Seashell Rod
Rustic Rod Floral Rod Lifeboat Rod
Rustic Rod Helmsman's Rod Basic Rod
Rustic Rod Seashell Rod Toy Rod
Rustic Rod Lifeboat Rod Floral Rod
Rustic Rod Pro Rod Treasure Rod
Rustic Rod Comet Rod Sword Rod
Rustic Rod Palm-Tree Rod Sweet Rod
Rustic Rod Treasure Rod Compass Rod
Rustic Rod Sword Rod Castaway Rod
Rustic Rod Sweet Rod Anchor Rod
Rustic Rod Compass Rod Pro Rod
Rustic Rod Castaway Rod Comet Rod
Rustic Rod Anchor Rod Palm-Tree Rod
Rustic Rod Robo Rod Palm-Tree Rod
Rustic Rod Angel Rod Treasure Rod
Rustic Rod Demon Rod Sword Rod
Rustic Rod Shachihoko Rod  Sweet Rod
Rustic Rod Pirate Rod  Compass Rod
Rustic Rod Cat Rod Castaway Rod
Rustic Rod Dragon Rod Anchor Rod
Rustic Rod Poseidon's Rod Pro Rod
Rustic Rod UFO Rod Comet Rod
Crystal Rod Crystal Rod Crystal Rod +1
Crystal Rod Skeleton Rod Lifeboat Rod
Crystal Rod Floral Rod Basic Rod
Crystal Rod Helmsman's Rod Toy Rod
Crystal Rod Seashell Rod Rustic Rod
Crystal Rod Lifeboat Rod Seashell Rod
Crystal Rod Pro Rod Sword Rod
Crystal Rod Comet Rod Sweet Rod
Crystal Rod Palm-Tree Rod Compass Rod
Crystal Rod Treasure Rod Castaway Rod
Crystal Rod Sword Rod Anchor Rod
Crystal Rod Sweet Rod Pro Rod
Crystal Rod Compass Rod Comet Rod
Crystal Rod Castaway Rod Palm-Tree Rod
Crystal Rod Anchor Rod Treasure Rod
Crystal Rod Robo Rod Treasure Rod
Crystal Rod Angel Rod Sword Rod
Crystal Rod Demon Rod Sweet Rod
Crystal Rod Shachihoko Rod  Compass Rod
Crystal Rod Pirate Rod  Castaway Rod
Crystal Rod Cat Rod Anchor Rod
Crystal Rod Dragon Rod Pro Rod
Crystal Rod Poseidon's Rod Comet Rod
Crystal Rod UFO Rod Palm-Tree Rod
Skeleton Rod Skeleton Rod Skeleton Rod +1
Skeleton Rod Floral Toy Rod
Skeleton Rod Helmsman's Rod Rustic
Skeleton Rod Seashell Crystal Rod
Skeleton Rod Lifeboat Basic
Skeleton Rod Pro Sweet
Skeleton Rod Comet Compass
Skeleton Rod Palm-Tree Castaway
Skeleton Rod Treasure Anchor
Skeleton Rod Sword Pro
Skeleton Rod Sweet Comet
Skeleton Rod Compass Palm-Tree
Skeleton Rod Castaway
Skeleton Rod Anchor Sword
Skeleton Rod Robo
Skeleton Rod Angel Sweet
Skeleton Rod Demon Compass
Skeleton Rod Shachihoko  Castaway Rod
Skeleton Rod Pirate  Anchor
Skeleton Rod Cat Pro
Skeleton Rod Dragon
Skeleton Rod Poseidon's Rod
Skeleton Rod UFO
Floral Rod Helmsman's Rod Crystal
Floral Rod Seashell Skeleton
Floral Rod Lifeboat Rustic
Floral Rod Pro Compass
Floral Rod Comet Castaway
Floral Rod Palm-Tree Anchor
Floral Rod Treasure Pro
Floral Rod Sword Comet
Floral Rod Sweet Palm-Tree
Floral Rod Compass Treasure
Floral Rod Castaway
Floral Rod Anchor Sweet
Floral Rod Robo
Floral Rod Angel Compass
Floral Rod Demon Castaway
Floral Rod Shachihoko  Anchor Rod
Floral Rod Pirate  Pro
Floral Rod Cat Comet
Floral Rod Dragon
Floral Rod Poseidon's Rod
Floral Rod UFO
Helmsman's Rod Seashell Floral
Helmsman's Rod Lifeboat Skeleton
Helmsman's Rod Pro Castaway
Helmsman's Rod Comet Anchor
Helmsman's Rod Palm-Tree Pro
Helmsman's Rod Treasure Comet
Helmsman's Rod Sword Palm-Tree
Helmsman's Rod Sweet Treasure
Helmsman's Rod Compass Sword
Helmsman's Rod Castaway Sweet
Helmsman's Rod Anchor Compass
Helmsman's Rod Robo
Helmsman's Rod Angel Castaway
Helmsman's Rod Demon Anchor
Helmsman's Rod Shachihoko  Pro Rod
Helmsman's Rod Pirate  Comet
Helmsman's Rod Cat Palm-Tree
Helmsman's Rod Dragon
Helmsman's Rod Poseidon's Rod Sword Rod
Helmsman's Rod UFO
Seashell Rod Lifeboat Helmsman's Rod
Seashell Rod Pro Anchor
Seashell Rod Comet Pro
Seashell Rod Palm-Tree Comet
Seashell Rod Treasure Palm-Tree
Seashell Rod Sword Treasure
Seashell Rod Sweet Sword
Seashell Rod Compass Sweet
Seashell Rod Castaway Compass
Seashell Rod Anchor Castaway
Seashell Rod Robo
Seashell Rod Angel Anchor
Seashell Rod Demon Pro
Seashell Rod Shachihoko  Comet Rod
Seashell Rod Pirate  Palm-Tree
Seashell Rod Cat Treasure
Seashell Rod Dragon
Seashell Rod Poseidon's Rod Sweet Rod
Seashell Rod UFO
Lifeboat Rod Pro Comet
Lifeboat Rod Comet Palm-Tree
Lifeboat Rod Palm-Tree Treasure
Lifeboat Rod Treasure Sword
Lifeboat Rod Sword Sweet
Lifeboat Rod Sweet Compass
Lifeboat Rod Compass Castaway
Lifeboat Rod Castaway Anchor
Lifeboat Rod Anchor Pro
Lifeboat Rod Robo
Lifeboat Rod Angel Pro
Lifeboat Rod Demon Comet
Lifeboat Rod Shachihoko  Palm-Tree Rod
Lifeboat Rod Pirate  Treasure
Lifeboat Rod Cat Sword
Lifeboat Rod Dragon
Lifeboat Rod Poseidon's Rod Compass Rod
Lifeboat Rod UFO
Pro Rod Comet Palm-Tree
Pro Rod Palm-Tree Treasure
Pro Rod Treasure Sword
Pro Rod Sword Sweet
Pro Rod Sweet Compass
Pro Rod Compass Castaway
Pro Rod Castaway
Pro Rod Anchor
Pro Rod Robo
Pro Rod Angel
Pro Rod Demon Shachihoko
Pro Rod Shachihoko 
Pro Rod Pirate 
Pro Rod Cat Dragon
Pro Rod Dragon
Pro Rod Poseidon's Rod
Pro Rod UFO
Comet Rod Palm-Tree Sword
Comet Rod Treasure Sweet
Comet Rod Sword Compass
Comet Rod Sweet Castaway
Comet Rod Compass Anchor
Comet Rod Castaway
Comet Rod Anchor Treasure
Comet Rod Robo
Comet Rod Angel Shachihoko Rod
Comet Rod Demon Pirate
Comet Rod Shachihoko  Cat
Comet Rod Pirate  Dragon
Comet Rod Cat Poseidon's Rod
Comet Rod Dragon
Comet Rod Poseidon's Rod Robo Rod
Comet Rod UFO
Palm-Tree Rod Treasure Compass
Palm-Tree Rod Sword Castaway
Palm-Tree Rod Sweet Anchor
Palm-Tree Rod Compass Pro
Palm-Tree Rod Castaway
Palm-Tree Rod Anchor Sweet
Palm-Tree Rod Robo
Palm-Tree Rod Angel Pirate
Palm-Tree Rod Demon Cat
Palm-Tree Rod Shachihoko 
Palm-Tree Rod Pirate  Poseidon's
Palm-Tree Rod Cat Robo
Palm-Tree Rod Dragon
Palm-Tree Rod Poseidon's Rod
Palm-Tree Rod UFO
Treasure Rod Sword Anchor
Treasure Rod Sweet Pro
Treasure Rod Compass Comet
Treasure Rod Castaway
Treasure Rod Anchor
Treasure Rod Robo Robo
Treasure Rod Angel
Treasure Rod Demon Dragon
Treasure Rod Shachihoko 
Treasure Rod Pirate 
Treasure Rod Cat Robo
Treasure Rod Dragon
Treasure Rod Poseidon's Rod
Treasure Rod UFO
Sword Rod Sweet Comet
Sword Rod Compass Palm-Tree
Sword Rod Castaway
Sword Rod Anchor Pro
Sword Rod Robo
Sword Rod Angel Dragon
Sword Rod Demon Poseidon's
Sword Rod Shachihoko 
Sword Rod Pirate  Robo
Sword Rod Cat Angel
Sword Rod Dragon
Sword Rod Poseidon's Rod Shachihoko Rod
Sword Rod UFO
Sweet Rod Compass Treasure
Sweet Rod Castaway Sword
Sweet Rod Anchor Palm-Tree
Sweet Rod Robo
Sweet Rod Angel Poseidon's Rod
Sweet Rod Demon Robo*
Sweet Rod Shachihoko 
Sweet Rod Pirate  Angel
Sweet Rod Cat Demon
Sweet Rod Dragon
Sweet Rod Poseidon's Rod
Sweet Rod UFO
Compass Rod Castaway
Compass Rod Anchor Sword
Compass Rod Robo
Compass Rod Angel Robo*
Compass Rod Demon Robo
Compass Rod Shachihoko  Angel
Compass Rod Pirate  Demon
Compass Rod Cat Shachihoko
Compass Rod Dragon
Compass Rod Poseidon's Rod
Compass Rod UFO
Castaway Rod Anchor
Castaway Rod Robo
Castaway Rod Angel Robo
Castaway Rod Demon
Castaway Rod Shachihoko 
Castaway Rod Pirate 
Castaway Rod Cat
Castaway Rod Dragon
Castaway Rod Poseidon's Rod Dragon
Castaway Rod UFO
Anchor Rod Robo
Anchor Rod Angel Demon
Anchor Rod Demon Shachihoko
Anchor Rod Shachihoko 
Anchor Rod Pirate  Cat
Anchor Rod Cat Dragon
Anchor Rod Dragon
Anchor Rod Poseidon's Rod
Anchor Rod UFO
Robo Rod Angel
Robo Rod Demon
Robo Rod Shachihoko 
Robo Rod Pirate 
Robo Rod Cat
Robo Rod Dragon
Robo Rod Poseidon's Rod
Robo Rod UFO
Angel Rod Demon Pirate
Angel Rod Shachihoko 
Angel Rod Pirate  Dragon
Angel Rod Cat Poseidon's
Angel Rod Dragon UFO
Angel Rod Poseidon's Rod
Angel Rod UFO
Demon Rod Shachihoko 
Demon Rod Pirate 
Demon Rod Cat Robo
Demon Rod Dragon
Demon Rod Poseidon's Rod
Demon Rod UFO
Shachihoko Rod Pirate 
Shachihoko Rod Cat
Shachihoko Rod Dragon
Shachihoko Rod Poseidon's Rod
Shachihoko Rod UFO
Pirate Rod Cat Angel
Pirate Rod Dragon
Pirate Rod Poseidon's Rod
Pirate Rod UFO
Cat Rod Dragon
Cat Rod Poseidon's Rod
Cat Rod UFO
Dragon Rod Poseidon's Rod
Dragon Rod UFO
Poseidon's Rod UFO

*UFO after completing 9 islands