The following are a list of stickers in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Sticker Name Game Characters Effect
1-Up MushroomNew Super Mario Bros.Bowser, Luigi, Mario, Peach, Yoshi [Leg] Attack + 4
18-VoltWarioWare: Touched!All[Arm] Attack + 4
9-VoltWarioWare, Inc.All[Electric] Attack + 8
9-VoltWarioWare: Touched!All[Head] Attack + 5
AcroKirby 64: The Crystal ShardsPeach, Zelda[Magic] Attack + 15
Aijou Boom no YaSennen KazokuAll[Arm] Attack + 8
Akari Hayami1080° AvalancheAll[Freezing] Attack + 14
Akari HayamiWave Race: Blue StormPokémon Trainer[Water] Attack + 8
AkumaSennen KazokuAll[Flame] Resistance + 19
Amy RoseSonic the Hedgehog CDSonic[Leg] Attack + 14
AnaMotherAll[Body, Spin] Attack + 7
AnaWarioWare: Touched!All[Slash] Attack + 4
AndrewStar Fox: AssaultFalco, Fox, WolfLaunch Resistance + 7
AndyAdvance WarsAll[Specials: Indirect] Attack + 6
AnnieCustom Robo V2AllLaunch Power + 10
ArwingStar Fox 64Falco, Fox, Wolf[Leg] Attack + 6
AryllZelda: The Wind WakerAll[Electric] Attack + 8
AshleyTrace MemoryAll[Throwing] Attack + 16
AshleyWarioWare: Touched!Peach, Zelda[Magic] Attack + 22
Ashley Viewing DTSTrace MemoryR.O.B.[Specials: Direct] Attack + 17
AshnardFire Emblem: Path of RadianceIke, Marth[Slash] Resistance + 34
Baby MarioYoshi's IslandAll[Flame] Attack + 5
Balloon Fight EnemyBalloon FightIce Climbers[Specials: Indirect] Attack + 4
Balloon FighterBalloon FightPit[Weapon] Attack + 4
Ballyhoo & Big TopMario Party 8All[Head] Attack + 10
BananaMario Kart DSAll[Flame] Attack + 4
Banana BunchDonkey Kong Barrel BlastAll[Specials: Direct] Attack + 6
Banana CoinDonkey Kong 64All[Leg] Attack + 4
BarkleTingle Rosy RupeelandYoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokémon Trainer[Tail] Attack + 32
Barrel TrainMario Kart: Double Dash‼All[Leg] Attack + 19
BellossomPokémon Gold and SilverPokémon Trainer[Grass] Attack + 8
Big BossMGS: The Twin SnakesAllTrophy Stand Drops + 30
Big SwitchKirby & the Amazing MirrorAllLaunch Resistance + 18
Big the CatSonic Adventure DXAll[Battering] Resistance + 14
Black ShadowF-Zero GXCaptain Falcon[Flame] Attack + 37
BlarggYoshi's StoryAll[Specials: Direct] Attack + 13
BlathersAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldYoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokémon Trainer[Tail] Attack + 7
Blaze the CatSonic RushAllShield Recovery + 7
BlipperKirby: Squeak SquadAllSwim Time + 20
Blood FalconF-Zero GXAll[Head] Attack + 18
Blue FalconF-Zero GXCaptain Falcon[Specials: Direct] Attack + 3
Blue PelletPikmin 2Olimar[Pikmin] Attack + 6
Blue PikminPikminOlimar[Pikmin] Attack + 16
Blue VirusNintendo Puzzle CollectionAll[Electric] Attack + 5
Bone DragonYoshi's StoryYoshi, Wario, Pokémon Trainer, Wolf[Bite] Attack + 13
BoneyMother 3Ness, Lucas[PK] Attack + 16
BonkersKirby: Squeak SquadKirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede[Weapon] Attack + 16
BonslyPokémon Diamond and PearlAll[Leg] Attack + 3
BooMario TennisAll[Throwing] Attack + 14
BookerAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldAllFood Effect + 5
BoomerangZelda: The Wind WakerLink, Zelda, Ganondorf, Toon Link[Weapon] Attack + 4
BoulderExcite TruckAll[Body], [Spin] Attack + 32
BoundishDigiluxeAll[Flame] Attack + 7
BowPaper MarioPeach, Zelda[Magic] Attack + 8
BowserDDR Mario MixMario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach[Throwing] Attack + 20
BowserMario Kart 64Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach[Weapon] Attack + 13
BowserMario Power TennisGanondorf[Darkness] Attack + 21
BowserSuper Paper MarioMario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach[Arm] Attack + 23
Bowser CoinMario Party 6All[Arm] Attack + 8
Bowser Jr.Mario Superstar BaseballAllTrophy Drops + 25
Bowser Jr.Super Mario SunshineYoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokémon Trainer[Tail] Attack + 25
Box BoxerKirby: Squeak SquadLucario[Aura] Attack + 26
BoxyKirby: Squeak SquadYoshi, Wario, Pokémon Trainer, Wolf[Bite] Attack + 24
BoyAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldAll[Arm] Attack + 11
BoyMagical StarsignAll[Flame] Attack + 7
BoyMagical VacationAll[Throwing] Attack + 22
BrewsterAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldAll[Throwing] Attack + 13
BrierYoshi Touch & GoAllLaunch Resistance + 7
BrightonMario Party 6AllShield Resistance + 8
Bronto BurtKirby 64: The Crystal ShardsAll[Body], [Spin] Attack + 4
Bubble Baby MarioYoshi's IslandYoshi, Wario, Pokémon Trainer, Wolf[Bite]Attack + 6
BulborbPikmin 2Olimar[Pikmin] Attack + 34
Bullet BillNew Super Mario Bros.AllLaunch Power + 12
Bullet BlasterMario Kart: Double Dash‼AllLaunch Power + 50
BullfrogStar Fox CommandAllCarry Bob-omb
Burt the BashfulYoshi's IslandYoshi, Wario, Pokémon Trainer, Wolf[Bite] Attack + 6
CacklettaMario & Luigi: Superstar SagaAllFlinch Resistance + 84
CandyKirby: Squeak SquadR.O.B.[Specials: Direct] Attack + 4
CapsuleNintendo Puzzle CollectionAll[Flame] Attack + 5
Captain FalconF-Zero GXCaptain Falcon[Arm], [Leg] Attack + 8
Captain FalconF-Zero XCaptain Falcon[Specials: Direct] Attack + 19
Captain FalconF-ZeroCaptain Falcon[Slash] Resistance + 23
CaptainTrace MemoryAll[Weapon] Attack + 4
Car YoshiYoshi's IslandYoshi[Tail] Attack + 7
CelebiPokémon Gold and SilverPokémon Trainer[Grass] Attack + 14
CelesteAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldAll[Head] Attack + 6
Cell PhoneKirby & the Amazing MirrorKirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede[Slash] Resistance + 4
Chain ChompMario Party 8Yoshi, Wario, Pokémon Trainer, Wolf[Bite] Attack + 23
ChaoSonic Adventure DXAllFlinch Resistance + 49
ChaosSonic Adventure DXAllFood Effect + 4
CharizardPokémon Red and BluePikachu, Pokémon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff[Arm], [Leg] Attack + 10
Charmy BeeKnuckles' ChaotixAll[Slash] Attack + 7
Cheep CheepNew Super Mario Bros.AllSticker Drops + 9
ChefGame & WatchMr. Game & Watch[Specials: Indirect] Attack + 25
ChefShaberu! DS Oryōri NaviAllFood Effect + 3
Chef KawasakiKirby Super StarAllLaunch Resistance + 20
Chibi-RoboChibi-RoboAll[Weapon] Attack + 3
Chibi-RoboChibi-Robo: Park PatrolAll[Electric] Resistance + 19
ChihuahuaNintendogsYoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokémon Trainer[Tail] Attack + 12
ChikoritaPokémon Gold and SilverLucario[Aura] Attack + 13
ChonmagyoDensetsu no Starfy 2All[Weapon] Attack + 5
Chozo StatueMetroid II: Return of SamusLucario[Aura] Attack + 25
ChromatronDigiluxeAll[Electric] Attack + 7
Chunky KongDonkey Kong 64Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong[Throwing] Attack + 31
Classic SonicSonic the Hedgehog (JP)Sonic[Arm] Attack + 21
Classic SonicSonic the Hedgehog (US)Sonic[Throwing] Attack + 20
ClausMother 3Ness, Lucas[PK] Attack + 13
CoinNew Super Mario Bros.Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach[Specials: Indirect] Attack + 4
ColinZelda: Twilight PrincessLink, Zelda, Ganondorf, Toon Link[Specials: Direct] Attack + 4
ColonelMGS 2: Sons of LibertyAll[Energy] Attack + 8
Commander KahnElite Beat AgentsAll[Arm] Attack + 18
Cook KirbyKirby Super StarAllFlinch Resistance + 140
CopperAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldAll[Body], [Spin] Attack + 12
CornimerAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldAllTrophy Stand Drops + 21
Count BleckSuper Paper MarioAll[Flame] Resistance + 5
Cranky KongDonkey Konga 3All[Specials: Indirect] Attack + 7
Crazee DayzeeYoshi's Island DSPokémon Trainer[Grass] Attack + 7
Crazy ReddAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldNess, Lucas[PK] Attack + 16
Cream the Rabbit & CheeseSonic Advance 2All[Electric] Resistance + 9
Crimson Candypop BudPikmin 2Olimar[Pikmin] Attack + 12
Cupid KirbyKirby & the Amazing MirrorAllCarry Star Rod
CupitSennen KazokuAll[Electric] Attack + 5
DaisySuper Mario StrikersAll[Leg] Attack + 5
Daphnes Nohansen HyruleZelda: The Wind WakerLink, Zelda, Ganondorf, Toon Link[Electric] Attack + 31
Dark SamusMetroid Prime 2: EchoesSamus, Zero Suit Samus[Battering] Resistance + 11
Dark Suit SamusMetroid Prime 2: EchoesAll[Throwing] Attack + 16
DarknutZelda: The Wind WakerLink, Zelda, Ganondorf, Toon Link[Slash] Attack + 13
DaroachKirby: Squeak SquadAll[Electric] Attack + 24
DashStar Fox CommandAll[Arm], [Leg] Attack + 3
DekeFire Emblem: The Binding BladeMarth, Ike[Slash] Attack + 9
Deku BabaZelda: Ocarina of TimeAll[Arm], [Leg] Attack + 4
Deku LinkZelda: Majora's MaskAll[Electric] Resistance + 5
Deku NutZelda: Ocarina of TimeAll[Specials: Indirect] Attack + 4
DeoxysPokémon Ruby and SapphirePikachu, Pokémon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff[Slash] Attack + 10
DerekElite Beat AgentsAll[Head] Attack + 13
Devil CarMotherNess, Lucas[PK] Attack + 14
Dice BlockMario Party 8Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach[Arm] Attack + 8
Diddy KongDonkey Kong 64Launch Power + 20
Diddy KongDonkey Kong CountryDiddy Kong[Tail] Attack + 28
Diddy KongMario Hoops 3-on-3Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong[Leg] Attack + 28
Diddy KongMario Superstar BaseballDonkey Kong, Diddy Kong[Leg] Attack + 12
DigidriveDigiluxeAll[Flame] Attack + 6
Dixie KongDonkey Konga 2Donkey Kong, Diddy KongLaunch Resistance + 39
DKMario Superstar BaseballDonkey Kong, Diddy Kong[Head] Attack + 27
DK BarrelDonkey Kong CountryDonkey Kong, Diddy KongLaunch Power + 53
DK with BarrelMario vs. Donkey Kong 2All[Specials: Direct] Attck + 15
Don BongoYoshi's StoryAll[Explosive] Attack + 25
DonbeShin OnigashimaIce Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, Pit, R.O.B.[Slash] Resistance + 26
Donkey KongDonkey Kong Jungle BeatDonkey Kong, Diddy Kong[Arm] Attack + 22
Donkey KongDonkey Kong CountryDonkey Kong, Diddy Kong[Electric] Resistance + 10
Donkey KongMario Kart DSDonkey Kong, Diddy Kong[Flame] Resistance + 41
Donkey Kong Jr.Mario TennisDonkey Kong, Diddy Kong[Arm] Attack + 14
Dr. CrygorWarioWare: Touched!All[Arm], [Leg] Attack + 2
Dr. EggmanSonic the HedgehogSonicLaunch Resistance + 39
Dr. LobeBig Brain AcademyAll[Arm], [Leg] Attack + 10
Dr. LobeBig Brain Academy: Wii DegreeAllSticker Drops + 11
Dr. MarioNintendo Puzzle CollectionMario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Peach[Head] Attack + 18
Dr. ShrunkAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldAllCarry Fan
Dr. StewartF-Zero GXAll[Electric] Attack + 6
DribbleWarioWare, Inc.All[Battering] Resistance + 6
Dry BonesMario Party 7Lucario[Aura] Attack + 17
DuckDuck HuntIce Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, Pit, R.O.B.Launch Resistance + 20
Dunning SmithHotel Dusk: Room 215All[Leg] Attack + 6
DusterMother 3Ness, Lucas[Leg] Attack + 4
Dyna BladeKirby Super StarKirby, Meta Knight, King DededeLaunch Resistance + 46
Dzuke-chanEnglish TrainingAllLaunch Resistance + 12
E-102 GammaSonic Adventure DXAll[Flamce] Attack + 11
E-123 OmegaSonic HeroesAll[Flame] Resistance + 17
EggGame & WatchAll[Weapon] Attack + 4
Eggplant WizardKid IcarusAll[Specials: Direct] Attack + 11
Eight YoshisYoshi's IslandYoshi[Arm], [Leg] Attack + 18
EirikaFire Emblem: The Sacred StonesMarth, Ike[Slash] Attack + 16
EldstarMario Party 5AllLaunch Resistance + 6
ElectrodePokémon Red and BlueAll[Explosive] Attack + 7
ElectroplanktonAll[Electric] Attack + 12
EliwoodFire EmblemMarth, Ike[Flame] Resistance + 33
EmerlSonic BattleAll[Arm] Attack + 6
Energy TankMetroidSamus, Zero Suit Samus[Energy] Attack + 12
EnguardeDonkey Kong CountryDonkey Kong, Diddy Kong[Body], [Spin] Attack + 15
EnteiPokémon Gold and SilverPikachu, Pokémon Trainer, Lucario, Jigglypuff[Flame] Attack + 20
EphraimFire Emblem: The Sacred StonesAll[Slash] Attack + 23
Epona & LinkZelda: Ocarina of TimeLink, Zelda, Ganondorf, Toon Link[Arm], [Leg] Attack + 9
Erazor DjinnSonic and the Secret RingsAll[Flame] Attack + 28
Espio the ChameleonKnuckles' ChaotixSonic[Body], [Spin] Attack + 12
EvaMGS 3: Snake EaterSnake[Electric] Resistance + 44
ExcitebikeAll[Leg] Attack + 31
EzloZelda: The Minish CapAll[Head] Attack + 19
FairyZelda: Twilight PrincessYoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokémon Trainer[Tail] Attack + 7
FalcoStar Fox 64Fox, Falco, Wolf[Weapon] Attack + 11
FalcoStar Fox AdventuresFox, Falco, Wolf[Specials: Indirect] Attack + 11
FalcoStar Fox CommandFox, Falco, Wolf[Energy] Attack + 14
FalcoStar Fox: AssaultFalco[Tail] Attack + 20
Fat Hockey PlayerIce HockeyIce Climbers[Specials: Indirect] Attack + 12
Federation TrooperMetroid Prime 2: EchoesAllCarry Super Scope
Female PiantaSuper Mario SunshineAll[Energy] Attack + 15
Fierce Deity LinkZelda: Majora's MaskLink, Zelda, Ganondorf, Toon Link[Slash] Attack + 21
FireGame & WatchAll[Arm] Attack + 9
Fire FlowerNew Super Mario Bros.AllCarry Fire Flower
Fire StingrayF-Zero GXAll[Slash] Attack + 7
FireflyExcite TruckAll[Head] Attack + 20
Flag ManGame & WatchMr. Game & Watch[Specials: Indirect] Attack + 4
FlintMother 3Ness, Lucas[Specials: Indirect] Attack +4
Flower Fairy LipNintendo Puzzle CollectionAllCarry Lip's Stick
Flower IconPM: Thousand-Year DoorAllFlinch Resisitance + 49
Fly GuyMario Power TennisAll[Head] Attack + 5
FoxStar Fox 64Fox, Falco, Wolf[Energy] Attack + 18
FoxStar Fox AdventuresFox, Falco, Wolf[Arm], [Leg] Attack + 15
FoxStar Fox CommandFox[Tail] Attack + 18
FoxStar FoxAll[Energy] Attack + 23
FoxStar Fox: AssaultFox, Falco, Wolf[Energy] Attack + 33
Free RangerChibi-Robo: Park PatrolAll[Flame] Attack + 27
F-TypeWild TraxIce Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, Pit, R.O.B.[Throwing] Attack + 22
Funky KongDonkey Konga 3Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong[Leg] Attack + 13
Gale HawgDonkey Kong Jungle BeatTBATBA
GanondorfZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
GanondorfZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
GardevoirPokémon Ruby and SapphireTBATBA
General GuyPaper MarioTBATBA
General PepperStar Fox: AssaultTBATBA
GirlAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
GirlMagical VacationTBATBA
GleeokThe Legend of ZeldaTBATBA
GoldeenPokémon Red and BlueTBATBA
Golden FoxF-Zero GXTBATBA
Gomar & ShiohF-Zero GXTBATBA
GoombellaPM: Thousand-Year DoorTBATBA
GoonieYoshi's Island DSTBATBA
GordoKirby: Squeak SquadTBATBA
GoronZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
GracieAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
Gravity Suit SamusMetroid: Zero MissionTBATBA
Gray FoxMGS: The Twin SnakesTBATBA
Green RupeeZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
GreilFire Emblem: Path of RadianceTBATBA
GroudonPokémon Ruby and SapphireTBATBA
GrutchDrill DozerTBATBA
GulliverAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
GulpinPokémon Ruby and SapphireTBATBA
GunshipMetroid Prime 2: EchoesTBATBA
GuyFire EmblemTBATBA
Hajime TanakaOuendan 2TBATBA
Hammer Bro.New Super Mario Bros.TBATBA
Happy Mask SalesmanZelda: Majora's MaskTBATBA
HarrietAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
HawkeAdvance Wars: Dual StrikeTBATBA
Hayato SaionjiOuendan 2TBATBA
HectorFire EmblemTBATBA
HelibokaanKururin Squash!TBATBA
Hero's BowZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
HinawaMother 3TBATBA
HiroshiTrade & Battle: Card HeroTBATBA
HM Mech RosaChōsōjū Mecha MGTBATBA
HooferDonkey Kong Jungle BeatTBATBA
Ho-OhPokémon Gold and SilverTBATBA
HookshotZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
HooktailPM: Thousand-Year DoorTBATBA
Horse CallZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
Hot HeadKirby: Squeak SquadTBATBA
HP PotMagical StarsignTBATBA
Hylian ShieldZelda: The Minish CapTBATBA
Hylian ShieldZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
IkeFire Emblem: Path of RadianceTBATBA
IkeFire Emblem: Radiant DawnTBATBA
Iron TigerF-Zero GXTBATBA
Item BoxMario Kart: Double Dash‼TBATBA
IvysaurPokémon Red and BlueTBATBA
JElite Beat AgentsTBATBA
JakeAdvance Wars: Dual StrikeTBATBA
JessicaTrace MemoryTBATBA
Jet the HawkSonic RidersTBATBA
Jewel Fairy RubyNintendo Puzzle CollectionTBATBA
JigglypuffPokémon Red and BlueTBATBA
Jill & Drill DozerDrill DozerTBATBA
JillDrill DozerTBATBA
Jimmy T.WarioWare, Inc.TBATBA
JirachiPokémon Ruby and SapphireTBATBA
JoanAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
JoshuaFire Emblem: The Sacred StonesTBATBA
JudgeGame & WatchTBATBA
JuniorDonkey Kong Jr.TBATBA
K.K. SliderAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
Kafei & Keaton MaskZelda: Majora's MaskTBATBA
Kai DoumekiOuendan 2TBATBA
KalypsoDonkey Kong Barrel BlastTBATBA
KamekYoshi Touch & GoTBATBA
KamekYoshi's IslandTBATBA
KamisamaSennen KazokuTBATBA
Kammy KoopaPaper MarioTBATBA
KandenMetroid Prime HuntersTBATBA
Kapp'nAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
Karate KongDonkey Kong Jungle BeatTBATBA
KatWarioWare: Touched!TBATBA
KatrinaAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
King Bulblin & Lord BullboZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
King Dedede & KirbyKirby 64: The Crystal ShardsTBATBA
King DededeKirby Super StarTBATBA
King DededeKirby: Squeak SquadTBATBA
King DodongoZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
King K. RoolDonkey Kong 64TBATBA
King of Red Lions & LinkZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
King ZoraZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
KirbyKirby & the Amazing MirrorTBATBA
KirbyKirby 64: The Crystal ShardsTBATBA
KirbyKirby Air RideTBATBA
KirshMagical VacationTBATBA
KlaptrapDonkey Kong CountryTBATBA
Knuckles the EchidnaSonic the Hedgehog 3TBATBA
KoopaSuper Mario StrikersTBATBA
KooperPaper MarioTBATBA
KraidMetroid: Zero MissionTBATBA
KritterDK: King of SwingTBATBA
KritterMario Strikers ChargedTBATBA
KrystalStar Fox AdventuresTBATBA
KrystalStar Fox CommandTBATBA
KrystalStar Fox: AssaultTBATBA
KumatoraMother 3TBATBA
KururinKururin ParadiseTBATBA
Kyle HydeHotel Dusk: Room 215TBATBA
KyogrePokémon Ruby and SapphireTBATBA
KyorosukeDensetsu no Starfy 4TBATBA
LakituMario Kart: Super CircuitTBATBA
LakituNew Super Mario Bros.TBATBA
Lanky KongDonkey Kong 64TBATBA
LanternZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
Latias & LatiosPokémon Ruby and SapphireTBATBA
Legend of OutsetZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
LeonStar Fox CommandTBATBA
LeonStar Fox: AssaultTBATBA
LightningMario Kart DSTBATBA
LilinaFire Emblem: The Binding BladeTBATBA
LinebeckZelda: Phantom HourglassTBATBA
Link & PigsZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
LinkThe Legend of ZeldaTBATBA
LinkZelda: A Link to the PastTBATBA
LinkZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
LinkZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
Link with Goron MaskZelda: Majora's MaskTBATBA
Link's GrandmaZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
LionGame & WatchTBATBA
Liquid SnakeMGS: The Twin SnakesTBATBA
Little SaucerMotherTBATBA
Lon Lon MilkZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
LouiePikmin 2TBATBA
LucarioPokémon Diamond and PearlTBATBA
LucasMother 3TBATBA
Ludwig von KoopaSuper Mario Bros. 3TBATBA
LugiaPokémon Gold and SilverTBATBA
Luigi & Baby LuigiMario & Luigi: Partners in TimeTBATBA
LuigiLuigi's MansionTBATBA
LuigiMario & Luigi: Superstar SagaTBATBA
LuigiSuper Paper MarioTBATBA
LuminothMetroid Prime 2: EchoesTBATBA
LyleAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
LynFire EmblemTBATBA
MabelAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
Mace GuyYoshi Topsy-TurvyTBATBA
Mach RiderTBATBA
Mad TruckMotherTBATBA
MagkidSlide Adventure MAGKIDTBATBA
MakarZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
Male PiantaSuper Mario SunshineTBATBA
MaloZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
ManaphyPokémon Diamond and PearlTBATBA
ManholeGame & WatchTBATBA
Manky KongDonkey Kong CountryTBATBA
Mario & LuigiMario & Luigi: Superstar SagaTBATBA
Mario & YoshiSuper Mario SunshineTBATBA
MarioMario Kart DSTBATBA
MarioMario Superstar BaseballTBATBA
MarioSuper Paper MarioTBATBA
MarthFire Emblem: Monshō no NazoTBATBA
MasterTrade & Battle: Card HeroTBATBA
Master BelchEarthBoundTBATBA
Master MillerMGS: The Twin SnakesTBATBA
MateruDensetsu no Starfy 4TBATBA
MaxAdvance WarsTBATBA
Maxim TomatoKirby: Squeak SquadTBATBA
MedliZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
Mega MushroomNew Super Mario Bros.TBATBA
Mega Rush BadgePM: Thousand-Year DoorTBATBA
Mei LingMGS: The Twin SnakesTBATBA
MeowthPokémon Red and BlueTBATBA
Meryl SilverburghMGS: The Twin SnakesTBATBA
Meta KnightKirby: Squeak SquadTBATBA
Meta Knight BallKirby Canvas CurseTBATBA
MetagrossPokémon Ruby and SapphireTBATBA
Metal Gear RAYMGS 2: Sons of LibertyTBATBA
Metal Gear REXMGS: The Twin SnakesTBATBA
Metal SonicSonic the Hedgehog CDTBATBA
MetroidMetroid Prime PinballTBATBA
MetroidMetroid: Zero MissionTBATBA
MewPokémon Red and BlueTBATBA
MicaiahFire Emblem: Radiant DawnTBATBA
Midna & Wolf LinkZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
MidnaZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
Midori MushiSlide Adventure MAGKIDTBATBA
MilaHotel Dusk: Room 215TBATBA
Miles "Tails" ProwerSonic the Hedgehog 2TBATBA
Millennium StarMario Party 3TBATBA
Mini MarioMario vs. Donkey Kong 2TBATBA
Miniature DachshundNintendogsTBATBA
MisstarMario Party 5TBATBA
MistFire Emblem: Path of RadianceTBATBA
MoblinZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
MokkaMagical StarsignTBATBA
MoltresPokémon Red and BlueTBATBA
Mona & MopedWarioWare, Inc.TBATBA
MonaWarioWare: Touched!TBATBA
MonsterFGP II: 3D Hot RallyTBATBA
Moon Fairy SerenNintendo Puzzle CollectionTBATBA
Morph BallMetroid Prime PinballTBATBA
MorrisElite Beat AgentsTBATBA
Mother BrainMetroid: Zero MissionTBATBA
MouserSuper Mario Bros. 2TBATBA
Mr. ResettiAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
Mr. SaturnEarthBoundTBATBA
Mr. SaturnMother 3TBATBA
MunchlaxPokémon Diamond and PearlTBATBA
MushroomNew Super Mario Bros.TBATBA
Musketeer DaltaniaChōsōjū Mecha MGTBATBA
MuskularMario Party 5TBATBA
MyrrhFire Emblem: The Sacred StonesTBATBA
NabaaruFire Emblem: Monshō no NazoTBATBA
Naked SnakeMGS 3: Snake EaterTBATBA
NanaIce ClimberTBATBA
Naomi HunterMGS: The Twin SnakesTBATBA
Needle KirbyKirby 64: The Crystal ShardsTBATBA
New Age Retro HippieMotherTBATBA
Ningyou Kouchuu ViigaruChōsōjū Mecha MGTBATBA
NinianFire EmblemTBATBA
NokiSuper Mario SunshineTBATBA
NruffKirby 64: The Crystal ShardsTBATBA
Ocarina of TimeZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
O'ChunksSuper Paper MarioTBATBA
OctomanF-Zero GXTBATBA
OctopusGame & WatchTBATBA
OctorokZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
Olimar & Louie's ShipPikmin 2TBATBA
Olimar's DaughterPikmin 2TBATBA
OnionPikmin 2TBATBA
OoccooZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
OrbulonWarioWare, Inc.TBATBA
OtaconMGS 2: Sons of LibertyTBATBA
Pak E. DermYoshi's StoryTBATBA
PanelNintendo Puzzle CollectionTBATBA
PantherStar Fox CommandTBATBA
PantherStar Fox: AssaultTBATBA
ParachuteGame & WatchTBATBA
ParatroopaSuper Paper MarioTBATBA
Party MonkeyDonkey Kong Jungle BeatTBATBA
PascalAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
Pauline & Donkey KongDonkey KongTBATBA
Peach & DaisyMario Party 7TBATBA
PeachMario Strikers ChargedTBATBA
PeachMario Superstar BaseballTBATBA
PeachSuper Mario Bros. 2TBATBA
PeachSuper Princess PeachTBATBA
PellyAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
PennyWarioWare: Smooth MovesTBATBA
PeppyStar Fox 64TBATBA
PeppyStar Fox: AssaultTBATBA
PeraraKirby: Squeak SquadTBATBA
PerrySuper Princess PeachTBATBA
PeteAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
Petey PiranhaMario Golf: Toadstool TourTBATBA
Petey PiranhaMario Strikers ChargedTBATBA
Phantom GanonZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
PhyllisAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
Piece of HeartZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
PigmaStar Fox: AssaultTBATBA
PigmaskMother 3TBATBA
PikachuPokémon Red and BlueTBATBA
PinkleTingle Rosy RupeelandTBATBA
PiplupPokémon Diamond and PearlTBATBA
PitKid IcarusTBATBA
PitKid Icarus: Of Myths and MonstersTBATBA
PlumMario GolfTBATBA
Pokémon TrainerPokémon Red and BlueTBATBA
PostmanZelda: Majora's MaskTBATBA
PostmanZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
Power Jump BadgePaper MarioTBATBA
Prince PeasleyMario & Luigi: Superstar SagaTBATBA
Propeller Shy GuyYoshi's StoryTBATBA
Purple PikminPikmin 2TBATBA
PuttyMagical StarsignTBATBA
R.O.B.Mario Kart DS (US)TBATBA
Raccoon MarioSuper Mario Bros. 3TBATBA
RachelAdvance Wars: Dual StrikeTBATBA
RadExcite TruckTBATBA
RaidenMGS 2: Sons of LibertyTBATBA
RakensenCustom Robo Battle RevolutionTBATBA
RambiDonkey Kong CountryTBATBA
Raphael the RavenYoshi's IslandTBATBA
Rawk HawkPM: Thousand-Year DoorTBATBA
RayCustom RoboTBATBA
Ray 01Custom Robo Battle RevolutionTBATBA
Ray MKIIICustom Robo ArenaTBATBA
RayquazaPokémon Ruby and SapphireTBATBA
Reaper & ReapetteKid IcarusTBATBA
Reclining Red PikminPikmin 2TBATBA
Red FireMario Kart: Double Dash‼TBATBA
Red GazelleF-Zero GXTBATBA
Red Pellet FlowerPikmin 2TBATBA
Red PikminPikminTBATBA
Red VirusNintendo Puzzle CollectionTBATBA
ReDeadZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
Revolver OcelotMGS 2: Sons of LibertyTBATBA
Ricky Winterborn1080° AvalancheTBATBA
RidleyMetroid: Zero MissionTBATBA
ROBStar Fox AdventuresTBATBA
ROB 64Star Fox: AssaultTBATBA
Rob HaywoodWave Race: Blue StormTBATBA
Robo CubeCustom Robo Battle RevolutionTBATBA
Robot & BlocksStack-UpTBATBA
RobotMario Kart DS (JP)TBATBA
RosieAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
Rouge the BatSonic Adventure 2: BattleTBATBA
RoverAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
RoyFire Emblem: The Binding BladeTBATBA
Running Chibi-RoboChibi-RoboTBATBA
Running Zero Suit SamusMetroid: Zero MissionTBATBA
RuslZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
RutogaFire Emblem: The Binding BladeTBATBA
Ryota HayamiWave Race: Blue StormTBATBA
Ryuta IppongiOuendan 2TBATBA
SableAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
Sabure PrinceKaeru no Tame ni Kane wa NaruTBATBA
SaharahAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
SalsaMother 3TBATBA
SalvatoreZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
SamiAdvance WarsTBATBA
Samurai GorohF-Zero XTBATBA
Samurai GorohF-ZeroTBATBA
SamusMetroid FusionTBATBA
SamusMetroid Prime 2: EchoesTBATBA
Sayaka AmemiyaOuendan 2TBATBA
Seal HeadCustom Robo Battle RevolutionTBATBA
Seiuchi-kunDensetsu no Starfy 3TBATBA
Shadow BeastZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
Shadow MarioSuper Mario SunshineTBATBA
Shadow the HedgehogSonic Adventure 2: BattleTBATBA
ShagohodMGS 3: Snake EaterTBATBA
ShahraSonic and the Secret RingsTBATBA
SheikZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
Shiba InuNintendogsTBATBA
ShiidaFire Emblem: Monshō no NazoTBATBA
Shine SpriteSuper Mario SunshineTBATBA
ShroobMario & Luigi: Partners in TimeTBATBA
Shy GuyYoshi's StoryTBATBA
SidestepperMario Bros.TBATBA
Silver the HedgehogSonic the HedgehogTBATBA
Skull KidZelda: Majora's MaskTBATBA
Skull KidZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
SkulltulaZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
SlippyStar Fox 64TBATBA
SlippyStar Fox: AssaultTBATBA
SnifitMario Party 3TBATBA
SnorlaxPokémon Red and BlueTBATBA
Snowman1080° AvalancheTBATBA
Solid SnakeMGS: The Twin SnakesTBATBA
Solid SnakeMGS 2: Sons of LibertyTBATBA
Sonic the HedgehogSonic the HedgehogTBATBA
SotheFire Emblem: Radiant DawnTBATBA
Space PirateSuper MetroidTBATBA
SparrowMagical StarsignTBATBA
Special TokenMetroid Prime PinballTBATBA
SpinnerZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
SpinyNew Super Mario Bros.TBATBA
Spiny ShellMario Kart: Double Dash‼TBATBA
SpitzWarioWare, Inc.TBATBA
SqueakerKirby: Squeak SquadTBATBA
SquirtlePokémon Red and BlueTBATBA
StarfyDensetsu no Starfy 2TBATBA
StarfyDensetsu no StarfyTBATBA
StarfyDensetsu no Starfy 3TBATBA
StarmanKirby: Squeak SquadTBATBA
StarmanNew Super Mario Bros.TBATBA
StarshipMetroid FusionTBATBA
StarshipMetroid Prime HuntersTBATBA
StaryuPokémon Red and BlueTBATBA
StorkYoshi's Island DSTBATBA
Stork StopYoshi's Island DSTBATBA
Storm the AlbatrossSonic RidersTBATBA
StuffwellMario & Luigi: Partners in TimeTBATBA
SuicunePokémon Gold and SilverTBATBA
SukaponJoy Mech FightTBATBA
Super BabyYoshi's Island DSTBATBA
Super Mario Bros.TBATBA
Super SonicSonic the Hedgehog 2TBATBA
SyluxMetroid Prime HuntersTBATBA
TakamaruNazo no Murasame JōTBATBA
TamagonDevil WorldTBATBA
TameoTrade & Battle: Card HeroTBATBA
Tap-TapYoshi Touch & GoTBATBA
TetraZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
The Black KnightFire Emblem: Path of RadianceTBATBA
The BossMGS 3: Snake EaterTBATBA
The Great FairyZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
The PresidentPikmin 2TBATBA
TikalSonic Adventure DXTBATBA
TingleTingle Rosy RupeelandTBATBA
TingleZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
Tiny KongDonkey Kong 64TBATBA
Tiny WarioVirtual Boy Wario LandTBATBA
TippiSuper Paper MarioTBATBA
Toad & ToadetteMario Party 7TBATBA
ToadMario Party 6TBATBA
ToadMario Party 7TBATBA
ToadetteMario Party 6TBATBA
ToadsworthMario & Luigi: Partners in TimeTBATBA
ToadsworthSuper Mario SunshineTBATBA
TogepiPokémon Gold and SilverTBATBA
Tom NookAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
TorchicPokémon Ruby and SapphireTBATBA
TortimerAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
Tractor TrailerWild TraxTBATBA
Training Academy CoachXTBATBA
Treasure ChestKirby: Squeak SquadTBATBA
Triple Red ShellsMario Kart: Double Dash‼TBATBA
Turbo BirdoMario Kart: Double Dash‼TBATBA
TwilaMario Party 6TBATBA
ValooZelda: The Wind WakerTBATBA
Vector the CrocodileKnuckles' ChaotixTBATBA
VerminGame & WatchTBATBA
VivianPM: Thousand-Year DoorTBATBA
Waddle DeeKirby 64: The Crystal ShardsTBATBA
Waddle Dee BallKirby Canvas CurseTBATBA
WaluigiMario Superstar BaseballTBATBA
WaluigiSuper Mario StrikersTBATBA
Wario & BikeWarioWare, Inc.TBATBA
WarioSuper Mario 64 DSTBATBA
WarioSuper Mario StrikersTBATBA
WarioWarioWare: Smooth MovesTBATBA
Wario CarMario Kart: Double Dash‼TBATBA
Wario World SymbolWario WorldTBATBA
Wario-ManWarioWare: Touched!TBATBA
Warrior IngMetroid Prime 2: EchoesTBATBA
Warrior Mech GaussChōsōjū Mecha MGTBATBA
Water Fairy EliasNintendo Puzzle CollectionTBATBA
Wave Race: Blue StormTBATBA
Wave the SwallowSonic RidersTBATBA
WeavelMetroid Prime HuntersTBATBA
WeavilePokémon Diamond and PearlTBATBA
Welsh CorgiNintendogsTBATBA
WendellAnimal Crossing: Wild WorldTBATBA
Whispy WoodsKirby Super StarTBATBA
White CatF-Zero GXTBATBA
White PikminPikmin 2TBATBA
WigglerMario Power TennisTBATBA
Wild GooseF-Zero GXTBATBA
Wild GunmanTBATBA
WobbuffetPokémon Gold and SilverTBATBA
WolfExcite TruckTBATBA
WolfStar Fox CommandTBATBA
WolfStar Fox: AssaultTBATBA
WolfenStar Fox 64TBATBA
WolfenStar Fox: AssaultTBATBA
Wrinkly KongDK: King of SwingTBATBA
XananabDK Jungle ClimberTBATBA
YadokaritaDensetsu no StarfyTBATBA
Yakuman PlayerYakumanTBATBA
Yellow PelletPikmin 2TBATBA
Yellow PikminPikminTBATBA
Yellow VirusNintendo Puzzle CollectionTBATBA
YoshiMario Party 2TBATBA
YoshiPM: Thousand-Year DoorTBATBA
YoshiYoshi Touch & GoTBATBA
Yoshi ShipYoshi Topsy-TurvyTBATBA
Yoshi's EggYoshi Touch & GoTBATBA
Young CricketWarioWare: Smooth MovesTBATBA
Young ZeldaZelda: The Minish CapTBATBA
Young ZeldaZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
ZantZelda: Twilight PrincessTBATBA
Zebes InhabitantMetroid FusionTBATBA
ZeldaZelda: A Link to the PastTBATBA
ZeldaZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
Zero Suit SamusMetroid: Zero MissionTBATBA
ZingerDK: King of SwingTBATBA
ZoraZelda: Ocarina of TimeTBATBA
Zora LinkZelda: Majora's MaskTBATBA

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