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This is a list of the warlords in Pokémon Conquest.


Image Name Favorite Types
Hero (Pokémon Conquest)-MHero (Pokémon Conquest)-F Hero NormalNormal
Nobunaga (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Nobunaga DragonDragonElectricElectric
Oichi (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Oichi NormalNormalDragonDragon
Hideyoshi (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Hideyoshi FireFireFightingFighting
Motochika (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Motochika WaterWater
Ginchiyo (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Ginchiyo ElectricElectric
Motonari (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Motonari GrassGrass
Mitsuhide (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Mitsuhide IceIceFlyingFlying
Yoshihiro (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Yoshihiro FightingFighting
Nene (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Nene PoisonPoisonFlyingFlying
Shingen (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Shingen GroundGroundRockRock
Masamune (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Masamune FlyingFlying
Kenshin (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Kenshin PsychicPsychicFightingFighting
Yoshimoto (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Yoshimoto BugBugSteelSteel
Ujiyasu (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Ujiyasu RockRock
Nō (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) GhostGhostDragonDragon
Kotarō (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Kotarō DarkDark
Ieyasu (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Ieyasu SteelSteelRockRock
Hanbei (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Hanbei ElectricElectricFireFire
Kanbei (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Kanbei GhostGhostFireFire
Muneshige (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Muneshige FlyingFlyingNormalNormal
Gracia (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Gracia PsychicPsychicIceIce
Hanzō (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Hanzō GhostGhostDarkDark
Kunoichi (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Kunoichi DarkDarkIceIce
Yukimura (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Yukimura FireFireFlyingFlying
Magoichi (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Magoichi GrassGrassFlyingFlying
Kanetsugu (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Kanetsugu PsychicPsychic
Aya (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Aya IceIceGhostGhost
Kai (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Kai FireFireRockRock
Okuni (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Okuni BugBugFireFire
Ranmaru (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Ranmaru FightingFightingSteelSteel
Tadakatsu (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Tadakatsu SteelSteelDragonDragon
Ina (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Ina WaterWaterSteelSteel
Keiji (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Keiji RockRockFightingFighting
Mitsunari (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Mitsunari SteelSteelDarkDark
Kiyomasa (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Kiyomasa DragonDragonGroundGround
Masanori (Pokémon Conquest) (Rank 1) Masanori GroundGroundDarkDark

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