The Lithopod Family are a group of Cannon Beetles in the Pikmin series for Nintendo GameCube and for New Play Control! for Wii.
Lithopod Family

Armored Cannon Beetle Larva

Armored Cannon Beetle Larva are the parents of the Armored Cannon Beetle. They are found only in Pikmin 2, as the parent is found only in Pikmin.


It is green and has four brown legs and has a pair of blue eyes that glows.

Nintendo Players' Guide Description

Slow but mighty, Armored Cannon Beetle Larva can make a good day into a bad one with one roll of a boulder. When one of the creatures sends a rock attack your way, use the C Stick to have your Pikmin move out of the boulder's path as a tight turn, then throw soldiers onto the creature's back.


Olimar must throw Pikmin at it and he cannot punch the boulder as it fires. The Armored Cannon Beetle Larva will kick off the Pikmin. Using Purple Pikmin or destroying it with Ultra Bitter Spray makes the battle quickly be finished.

Decorated Cannon Beetle

Decorated Cannon Beetles are red Cannon Beetle Larvae found only in Pikmin 2.


It has four brown legs and has a pair of brown eyes and it is red.

Nintendo Players' Guide Description

Decorated Cannon Beetles spit rocks that follow their targets, making them more difficult to avoid than the attacks of the Larvae. Run from the boulders and attack the beasts immediately after they discharge their rocks. If you're fast, you can lure the boulders into other enemies or reflect them back at it.


The battle with the Decorated Cannon Beetle could be difficult without Purple Pikmin. Avoid the rock, and the rock will kill the beast. Do not try to throw a Pikmin as Olimar will lose one of his soldiers, as the Beetle fires a rock. Luring the rock into it will kill the beast quickly.

Armored Cannon Beetle

The Armored Cannon Beetle made its only appearance in Pikmin 1. One swallowed the Bowspirit, a part of the S. S. Dolphin in The Distant Spring.


The Armored Cannon Beetle appears to look like a beetle of sorts. It is black and has four legs and has glowing blue eyes. It has an inhaler that sucks up the Pikmin.

Nintendo Players' Guide Description

Continuously fire Pikmin into the armored cannon beetle's upper-snout until it inhales a Pikmin. The Pikmin will plug up the bug and cause it to open its protective shell and reveals its vulnerable body. Circle to the bug's rear end and toss Pikmin onto its exposed red body to inflict damage.


To defeat the Armored Cannon Beetle, it must suck up a Pikmin and Olimar must throw them at its red body to do damage. It will fire a boulder from its upper-snout and will crush your Pikmin with a hit. Olimar can punch it, as well. Destroying it will give you fifty Pikmin.


The Armored Cannon Beetle is the only member of the Lithopod Family to not appear in Pikmin 2.

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