Little States
Little States
Little States overhead on it's side with the east side in front.
Series Pilotwings series
First game Pilotwings 64

Little States is a location in the Nintendo 64 video game Pilotwings 64. It is a miniature version of the United States featuring various famous landmarks. The only states not represented on the island are Alaska and Hawaii. Canada and Mexico, which in real life border the country, are not present.


  • Chicago (Illinois)
  • Grand Canyon (Arizona)
  • Great Plains (Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota)
  • Kennedy Space Center (Florida)
  • Los Angeles (California)
  • Mount Rushmore National Monument (South Dakota)
  • New York City (New York)
  • Rocky Mountains (Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Utah)
  • San Francisco (California)
  • Seattle (Washington)
  • Washington D.C.


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