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The Loopdeeloop Galaxy is one of the galaxies found in the Wii video game Super Mario Galaxy. It can be accessed through the Terrace section of the game, and is essentially a mini-game galaxy, as the gameplay found within is dramatically different from that found within most of the game. What the player does here is riding a manta ray, called Ray, through a water filled course, making turns and so on by twisting the Wii remote.


  • Surfing 101- The level starts with the player getting a tutorial on these controls. The goal in the level found here is to complete a lap in under 1:30.00, and if the player happen to do so, the player will get the star which the Coach penguin will give to you on the Prize planet.


  • This is one of two times where the player uses these controls in the game. The second is Loopdeeswoop Galaxy.
  • The finish line is shaped like a Shine Sprite
  • There are no loops despite the galaxy's namesake