Lord Jair (Statue)

Lord Jair is the hero of Shadowgate who also (in the form of a statue) helps Del Cottonwood defeat the Warlock Lord in Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers. He is mentioned throughout the game and is often looked positively upon by the people of Kal Torlin. He defeats the Warlock Lord when Del gives the Staff of Ages and the Ring of the Kingdom to his statue.

The inscription on the statue's pedestal reads:

"In the hour of darkest night I shall be there to serve and save the kingdom!"

The Saga of Lord Jair (song)

*Sung in the game by Wil Goddard.*

"Warriors fight in blood drenched sand,

Upon this hill they make their stand.

Thunder rolls across the plain.

The lingering cry of the forgotten slain.

Moving through the night.

A somber cry.


A somber cry.


Mighty Lord Jair leading the way.

Turning the night time into day.

The Staff of Ages, made by a sage.

The Warlock Lord melts in his rage.

Imprisoned in the light.

A rousing cry.


A rousing cry.