Lost City of Z
Lost City of Z
Series The Conduit
First game Conduit 2

The Lost City of Z is a location in Conduit 2. It's where Michael Ford finds a dead Progenitor.


The Free Drudge leave Michael Ford in the Lost City and fly off in their dropship. Ford ventures through what appears to be a Trust dig site and soon finds a dead Progenitor. He then uses the All-Seeing Eye (ASE) to take the energies from the corpse.

Prometheus knows that Ford will need all the power he can get to fight John Adams, so, giving up his own life, Prometheus transfers his and the other Progenitor energies from the ASE to the Destroyer Armor Ford is wearing, making it even more powerful. Ford then heads for the nearest working conduit. ("Lost City")



The Lost City of Z is a "fabled" city in the real-world. It's believed to be in the Brazil area of South America.