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Lucky 7
Lucky 7
Peach using a Lucky 7
Series Mario Kart
First game Mario Kart 7
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Lucky 7's are a new item in Mario Kart 7. When used, 7 random items will circle the players kart, similar to the triple shells. These items can be used in circular order after they are deployed.

Mario Kart 7

Lucky Seven resembles a red 7. If you use them, 7 items (Red Shell, Green Shell, Blooper, Star, Bob-omb, banana and Mushroom) will orbit around you just like 3 red or green shells does. If anyone touches anyone of this items, it will affect them in many ways. Red-green shell flips your foes over, banana makes them spin-out. Mushroom speed them up and Star makes them invincible. Bob-omb will throw the players into the air or knock them out. His lava-colored explosion radius will also lose all your items. Touching Blooper does nothing. It is recommended you should use items quickly. You can use any item if they are in-front of you. Otherwise you might use random effect. Can be used from 4th to 5th place. Rarely used in 3rd or 6th place.

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