These are quotes said by Ludwig von Koopa.


  • [from the American manual for Super Mario Bros. 3] "Quite an exciting game isn't it? I'm glad to know that we have such powerful enemies helping us out. We have more guys helping us besides these... but don't tell Mario."
  • [from the Japanese manual for Super Mario Bros. 3] "Yeah! Let's get down. I'm also glad to know that the number of such aggressive and violent enemies helping us out increases. Baby. To tell you the truth, we have more guys helping us besides these, but don't tell Mario."
  • "How many Bowsers does it take to unscrew in a lightbulb? Ha ha, only one, and he's dying to plunge Mario into darkness!"
  • "You think YOU'RE in the dark, friend? Just imagine poor Mario without any lightbulbs!"
  • "You made it past the others, but you won't get past me, you wrench wielding weirdo! I'm the mighty Ludwig von Koopa!"
  • "You got at me? ONLY FIRE CAN DESTROY ME!"
  • "Eh? Hmhmhm! Oh..."
  • "Argh!" (after getting hit)
  • "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!" (after getting defeated in his castle/airship)
  • "But Mario, you hate pasta!"
  • "This is a fun little game called 'Stuff Your Furniture Down the Drain'!"
  • "Oh, brother! King Dad's in trouble! That was a good speech!"
  • "All right, King Dad! You're back to your abnormal self!"
  • "Let's get back to Castle Koopa so Dad can tell us how smart we are!"

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