Lumpy is one of the two rare Ratooeies that appear in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He can be found at
Lumpy Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Lumpy's sprite.

Rogueport's docks. He is on a mission to find oil in Dry Dry Desert and Dry Dry Outpost. Mario can choose to give Lumpy 100, 200, or 300 coins for his quest, but it is not a requirement. If Mario gives him 100 coins, later Lumpy will give Mario 300 coins. If he gives Lumpy 200, he will bring back 600. And finally, if Mario give Lumpy 300, he will bring back the maximum number of coins: 999. Mario can also listen to Lumpy's log book entries.


"That's Lumpy, a Ratooey. His dream is to strike it rich by finding oil. Gotta admire the dedication! Guys like this want to make me chase my dreams harder! Still... When I talk to him, it seems more like he's just up for whatever, you know?"