Lunar Magic is a Super Mario World editor created around February 2000 by FuSoYa and first released on September 24, 2000. It gives users the ability to completely edit the levels, and overworld (including the 'paths' that Mario walks on, what happens at an event after a level is completed, etc), as well as editing the title screen, and even the demo play sequence that plays during the title screen sequence.

The latest version is version 2.01, released on May 20, 2012 .

Version History

This table shows the version history of Lunar Magic, including version number, release date and what was added in that version.

Version Release Date Changes
1.00 September 24, 2000 Initial release.
1.01 October 2, 2000 Fixes some errors and includes some new options.
1.02 October 10, 2000 Fixes a nasty overlapping level bug, and also has a new level management option.
1.03 October 28, 2000 Fixes a minor bug in the "Sprite Header" menu dialog.
1.10 December 25, 2000 Adds the ability to have custom palettes for each level, the ability to insert the graphics as 4bpp tiles instead of 3bpp, and support for inserting 128 extra graphic (ExGFX) files into the ROM.
1.11 February 9, 2001 Minor bug fixes.
1.20 May 20, 2001 Adds clipboard support, an optional ASM enhacement to extend the animated tile area, and various other minor fixes. Partial support for SNES layering and color adition is also added, so that translucent level mods show up correctly.
1.30 September 24, 2001 Support for Japanese ROM added. Foreground and background Map16 date areas have been expanded from 2 pages to 16 pages each. Includes minor bug fixes.
1.31 October 1, 2001 Fixes a nasty bug that can potentially erase modified non-level data such as BG Map16 data and overworld data) when saving a level, as well as minor bugs.
1.40 December 25, 2001 Adds the ability to edit the overworld, including the layout, where mario walks, which events are activated when passing each level. It is also possible to prevent players from quitting an already-completed stage by disabling the "Start+Select" sequence.
1.41 January 1, 2002 Fixes some minor bugs from version 1.40.
1.42 February 9, 2002 Fixes the remaining bugs found in version 1.40 and also adds the ability to edit message box text and level names.
1.43 June 15, 2002 Minor bug fixes, as well as the ability to dump a level to a bitmap image, and a recently used files list in the file menu.
1.50 September 24, 2002 Minor bug fixes, as well as a new toolbar, and an updated background editor to include multiple tile selection and drag 'n' drop support.
1.51 September 24, 2002 Fixes a crashing problem on startup for Windows NT-based systems
1.60 September 24, 2003 Adds the new tile and palette animation features used in Demo World: The Legend Continues (a Super Mario World hack released on September 21, 2003), a new sprite editing mode for the overworld editor as well as various minor bug fixes and other updates.
1.61 December 25, 2003 Fixes some minor bugs, and includes a couple of new features such as some Opera-style mouse gestures.
1.62 April 11, 2004 Fixes some minor bugs as well as a more serious bug involving the "Count Sprites" option, where, if the "maximum sprites exceeded" warning message was displayed, it would cause various problems.
1.63 September 24, 2005 Minor bug fixes.
1.64 September 24, 2009 Minor bug fixes, as well as support for customizing the display of custom sprites in the editor.
1.65 October 1, 2009 Fixes some issues saving to MWL files.
1.70 April 1, 2010 smkdan's VRAM modification patch integrated, allowing 2 extra GFX slots. Introduces 4x Map16 space, 512 height backgrounds. ExAnimation code completely rewritten.
1.71 April 17, 2010 Fixes a bug in 1.70 that wouldn't allow a user to initialize the new Manual Frame Triggers 1-F without crashing the game, as well as minor display glitches
1.80 September 24, 2010 Restore feature lets you return your ROM to previous states, conversion to FastROM for the original game based on the address list from Ersanio's FastROM patch, and custom overworld palettes.
1.81 September 24, 2010 Upgraded Direct Map16 Access which enables pasting multiple tiles as one object -- this was supposed to be in 1.80 but was accidentally missed
1.82 October 31, 2010 Fixes an end of the game crash bug from 1.81, a few SMAS+W issues, and adds a couple compression options for graphics.
1.90 September 24, 2011 The Map16 Editor was completely changed.
1.91 December 25, 2011 Fixes to smkdan's VRAM patch.
2.00 May 5, 2012 Adds the ability to load a DLL from Alcaro, allowing use of an emulator within Lunar Magic, as well as an optional user-defined toolbar to the main window, for launching external applications or activate internal functions. It also allows for assigning keyboard shortcuts, replacing the existing shortcuts. Other minor tweaks and fixes have also been made.
2.01 May 20, 2012 Fixes a crash bug that could occur in certain situations within the internal emulator, along with a few other minor fixes.