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The Lylat Cruise.

The Lylat Cruise is a stage found in the Wii video game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It takes place in the Star Fox series, though the Pleiades is not a specific ship from the popular franchise. This stage features one main platform and three minor, pass through ones above it. The stage is known for having some of the most awe-inspring backgrounds; from hectic dog fights to peaceful flights through space.


Space Armada
Main Theme (Star Fox)
Main Theme (Star Fox 64)
Area 6
Star Wolf
Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assualt)
Space Battleground
Area 6 Ver. 2
Break Through the Ice
Tunnel Scene(X)


The Lylat Cruise doesn't seem to be from any particular Star Fox video game. The name of the ship is apparently called the Pleiades, furthering the fact that this doesn't appear in any other video game (since no such a ship was named this in the games). Nevertheless, in the background you'll occasionally see Star Fox references, most notably the Great Fox from the series. The background of the stage mostly derives from the earlier stages of Star Fox: Assault.


  • There is a special conversation that can be triggered with Fox and Falco. They are different from each other and remain in the Wii U version of the stage
  • This is the first of two stages based on Star Fox: Assault. The other is Orbital Gate Assault

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